Hy-Line hatcheries, industry gold

eggHy-Line hatchery is the world's largest producer of chicks for the egg-laying industry and embryos for vaccinations. Their "products" include: Hy-Line W-36 (world's most efficient layer!); Hy-Line Brown (pretty and balanced, an excellent combo!); Hy-Line W-98 (quick to mature, pops out big eggs); Hy-Line Silver Brown (she's silver. and brown!); and the Hy-Line Gray (tinted eggs is her specialty). It's great when living, sentient, intelligent beings are referred to as "products", really allows for us to disconnect from the cruelties we inflict upon them.

To say Hy-Line is a behemoth is an understatement, it is The Standard, the industry go-to corporation when it comes to egg productions, genetics, vaccine research and all the ways humans can use chickens to satiate or benefit humans. The company has a huge reach across the world with production facilities in dozens of countries.

So when you watch this video, know that it is not abnormal. It is not the outlier, it is the standard, the bell curve normal. This is what your average sorting facility looks like and this is what happens to your average male chick and your average female chick.

According to the AVMA's euthanasia guidelines, maceration is a really great death. It's so good that if you scroll down to its entry on page 17, you'll notice it's even underlined, that's just to emphasize is awesomeness. No one is signing their sick puppies or kittens up for this "good death" but it is how most of the 200+ million male chicks are killed in this country and across the globe, animals who have the same ability to experience fear and pain, perhaps even more so as sensitive, young animals.

Now, it very well may be true that maceration is more instantaneous, less painful than gassing or suffocation, a couple other methods of killing male chicks. Which misses the point, that male birds should not be killed at all - we don't need eggs to survive, we don't need those poor debeaked hens to produce eggs and thus we don't *need* male chicks to be grinded up alive or suffocated or gassed. It's an unnecessary cruelty that you can help stop - don't eat eggs, start today. You won't find a commercially viable egg farm where male chicks are not killed, where hens are not slaughtered at a young age. So why contribute to what is, by most people's moral compass, an unethical and cruel way to treat, raise, house, manage, kill nonhuman animals?

Mercy for Animals produced this undercover investigation - thank you! Visit their website for recipes and reasons to commit yourself to an animal, health and earth friendly diet.


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