Eight Goats Safe After Fire Ravages Property

September 19, 2012 - Update!

Sunday, we corralled all eight for health exams. Thankfully, none were severely harmed by the fire. But, all suffer from lice, worms, and overgrown hooves. We must provide them with the veterinary care needed to thrive.

All of the males need to be neutered. Three will be going in today for a surgical neuter, meaning they will be sedated instead of castrated while fully conscious, a common practice on goat farms.

The ultimate goal is to place these goats into loving homes, but first they must recover from their trauma and neglect. Until then, we will ensure they are well-fed, socialized, and cared for the way they deserve.

September 15, 2012

As the flames licked at the house, one large male goat gathered his herd and guided them to the farthest edge of the property. As they huddled, afraid and unable to escape, he turned to face the fire. He would not back down. In a separate pen, a mother goat pushed herself in front of her two babies, despite the fire's heat singeing her fur. 

Last week a house fire near our Grass Valley sanctuary killed a woman, several of her animals, and severely injured her husband. Left behind were eight goats, barely scraping by on stale bread tossed into their pasture. The goats, all Cashmere crosses, were used as weed eaters. Originally a herd of twelve, the lack of a night-time enclosure led to the death of six goats by a mountain lion. 

Today, these goats are now safe at Animal Place, but we need your help. All of the goats have lice and worms and their hooves are severely overgrown. Please donate towards their care.

Our team of volunteers and staff arrived to the property and guided the herd of five into our stock trailer. What could have been a long-day ended up being a quick rescue effort! 

After, we attended to the mother and her two babies. While loading them up, we discovered she had been injured by sharp metal wire in her enclosure, and the male had a plastic bottle cap nearly embedded into his leg, which we removed with cutters.

There are four adult male goats, including an adorable Cashmere-Pygmy cross who totters around on tiny legs. They must all be neutered. Next week, they will be transported to UC Davis for the surgical procedure that includes sedatives, local anesthesia, and post-operative pain relief...rarely offered to goats on farms. Incredibly, goats can continue producing sperm weeks after their neuter! Which means hese goats will be available for adoption six weeks post-surgery. 

We need your help covering the costs of the neuters and the goats' ongoing care.

Additionally there are two females - one who is likely pregnant- the other with two kids, a male and a female. Both need to gain weight before they will be able to find new homes. Despite what they have been through, the female baby approached our staff for some love and even nibbled on our fingers! With love and affection, it is likely many of these goats will become more social. 

All of the goats are at our Rescue Ranch facility in Vacaville where they will be de-wormed, de-loused, and vaccinated. Their hooves will be trimmed and the males will be neutered. After they recover, they will be put up for adoption into homes that will provide them with lifelong care, good food, and a truly safe place to call home.

These goats have been through so much. They've survived mountain lion attacks, lack of food, proper care, and a fire. Through it all, they remained a strong unit, protecting one another. 

And when it came down to the choice to save himself or help his herd, the largest male chose to protect his family. When the heat and smoke filled up her enclosure, the mother goat chose to use her body as a shield to help her babies. 

Please help care for these goats. We will provide them with everything they need to thrive, and we want you to be a part of those efforts.

Your gift will feed them the hay and grain they need, and provide them with life-saving medications to keep them healthy. Your donation will ensure all the goats are hoof-trimmed and the males neutered. 

In return, we will watch over these goats, help them become more comfortable around people, and make sure that they will live out their lives as a family in the perfect home. And, we will advocate on behalf of all goats, encouraging people to see them as fun, inquisitive creatures who deserve to live and be treated with respect and compassion.

$10.00 will help de-worm and de-lice the goats
$25.00 will feed the goats fresh hay and grain
$75.00 will go towards neutering the four male goats
Any gift is appreciated
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