The Turlock Rescue - A Year Later
February 11, 2013 - Animal cruelty charges filed against A&L Poultry owners
February 22, 2013 - Animal Place releases feature length documentary TURLOCK, watch below

The Rescue 
Just released - TURLOCK, our feature film inside the largest rescue of farmed animals in California history. Watch and share

In February of 2012, the owners of A&L Poultry - a 50,000 hen egg farm - stopped feeding the hens in their care, leaving the birds without food for more than two weeks. When officials discovered the farm, 17,000 hens had starved to death. State officials began gassing the remaining live birds. Animal Place was the first rescue agency to learn of this tragedy. It took hours of negotiations but finally Animal Place and two other sanctuaries were given legal custody of hens state veterinarians deemed healthy enough to survive long-term. Over two days, we spearheaded our largest rescue operation saving the lives of 4,460 hens. Of those hens, Animal Place took in 4,100. 

A Year Later
February 11, 2013 - Big news! Today Andy Cheung and Lien Diep, the two responsible for abandoning and starving 50,000 hens on the egg farm were charged with felony animal cruelty
Our historic civil lawsuit, is still progressing. Animal Place, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, and Farm Sanctuary - represented by Schiff Hardin and the Animal Legal Defense Fund, seeks to hold the owners of A&L Poultry accountable for their actions that led to this rescue and the death of more than 45,000 hens.

All the hens have been placed into permanent homes or sanctuary! Last month, the last hens from the Turlock rescue found a great home.


Some ways you can help us celebrate this amazing rescue effort!
Sanctuary Sweets: The easiest and most effective way of celebrating this rescue is to go vegan. This rescue occurred because hundreds of millions of hens are exploited for egg production. Without consumer support of the egg industry, it would slowly wither and disappear. Sign up for our weekly plant-based recipe list!
Visit the Sanctuary: We are open Tuesdays-Saturdays from 10-4 pm. Stop by the chicken barn and catch a glimpse of the Turlock hens...they're all white!
Sign our Petition: Coming soon!
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Donate: Want to help TURLOCK receive a greater distribution? We want to submit TURLOCK to as many film festivals as possible. Each festival requires a submission fee, ranging from $40-250. Your gift will help TURLOCK receive wider distribution. A suggested gift of $10 is appreciated. Gifts received in excess of fee submission requirements will go towards our advocacy, outreach, and rescue efforts. 

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