Day 20 - Someone to be Thankful For

The day she was to be picked up for slaughter, one lone turkey at a free-range farm hid. Perhaps she heard the screams of her sisters and brothers as they were roughly thrown into a transport trucks. Perhaps she felt their same fear, their same desperate pleas for life. 

However she did it, this turkey is the first one in seven years to evade capture. She is the first turkey at this farm to avoid becoming Thanksgiving dinner - a holiday that kills 43 million turkeys, a holiday that is supposed to be about gratitude but instead hinges on the unnecessary slaughter of millions.

While there are no graphic images in this video, there is a palpable sense of desolation in that empty barn - it is hard not to feel sorrow for the loss of such innocent lives. There is great joy in rescuing the one, lone turkey...but also great sadness that we could not help her sisters and brothers. 

After her quarantine, this turkey will be integrated into our flock of 25 turkeys. She will live out her days in peace and sanctuary. 

If you love animals, you will be moved by this video. We hope you will be inspired to express your gratitude for this turkey's survival and choose a compassionate Thanksgiving meal this Thursday...and beyond.

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