Adoptable Goats and Sheep

All goats and sheep are vaccinated against CD/T, rabies and de-wormed. 

Dharma and Domino - Sheep and Goat
Dharma and Domino are a bonded sheep and goat found running loose in Yolo County. Both are from an auction yard, probably purchased for slaughter or weed abatement and then abandoned. They are approximately 2-3 years of age. Dharma is a Barbados sheep and needs minimal care. She is shy but will come up for treats. Domino is a mixed breed goat and friendlier.
Adoption Fee: $100 for both.
Availability: Domino was surgically castrated on 6/10/2014. Both will be available for placement starting July 22, 2014 unless you have no intact female goats or sheep.
Best Home: Dharma and Domino would do well in a home with other sheep and goats. We would prefer not adopting to a goat-home only as other goats may be aggressive towards Dharma the sheep.
Why an adoption fee? Please note that this adoption fee does not cover the cost of care these animals required. The castration alone was $150 and Dharma needed treatment for a wound. Feed, bedding, staff time to clean...none of that is included in this adoption fee. Given that, we believe this is a nominal request to offset a small portion of their care.
Marshmallow, Buckley, Lily June Bug,
These four female goats are from a dairy farm downsizing their herd. Marshmallow and Buckeley are 10-yrs-old, Lily is younger and June Bug (Lily's daughter) is 4-mos old. They are mixed breed goats. All four must be adopted together, cannot be used for breeding or milking - companion homes only.
Adoption Fee: $200 for all four, negotiable dependent on home.
Availability: 6/18/2014
Best Home: Marshmallow and Buckley are more dominant and would do well in a herd without a resident Queen. They are friendlier than Lily and June Bug. All four would do well in a herd with other goats or as their own herd. 

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