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Adoptable Pigeons

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Animal Place has between 2-4 pairs of adoptable King Pigeons available. These birds have been rescued from shelters and farms where they faced slaughter. A million King Pigeons are raised and slaughtered for consumption in California alone, killed at 4-weeks-old.

Adoption Fees:
All pigeons must be adopted in bonded pairs
1 pair: $14

Please list all species (domestic, companion) on your property?:*
How many pigeons are you interested in adopting (they must be in pairs)?:*
Have you had pigeons before?:*
Do you currently have pigeons?:*
How did you hear about Animal Place's Rescue Ranch Program?:*
What are your plans for the eggs?:*
Will the pigeons live inside, outside, or both?:*
What are the dimensions of your aviary or enclosure?:*
Does your aviary have heating?:*
Describe your predator protection:*
Fencing Height and Type:*
Size of Outdoor Enclosure:*
Pigeons may live another 5-15 years. Are you prepared to keep these birds the remainder of their lives?:*
Do you own, rent or lease?:*
If rent or lease, please provide the landlord's name and phone number:
Are you zoned for pigeons?:*
If housing indoors: Pigeons are sensitive to fumes and airborne toxins, like cigarette smoke, cleaning products, fumes. They also access to unfiltered natural sunlight. Please check this box if you are able to provide a fume-free, naturally lit area.:
May an adoption specialist visit to look at the poultry enclosure?:*
Please share your interest and reasons for wishing to adopt pigeons from Animal Place:
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  1. Nenet says:

    Thanks for saving these animals.