Animal Place Rescues Sickly Dairy Calf from Auction
January 17, 2013-

Her story is not uncommon...but it is often unknown. Little Princess is from a dairy farm. After birth, she was stolen from her mother and confined in an individual crate called a calf hutch. The milk meant for her was then taken and sold for human consumption. Little Princess developed a severe respiratory infection. According to the veterinarians, this infection had been left untreated for months. The dairy farmer did nothing to help the slowly suffocating calf. Instead, he sent her to auction - where all "dairy" cows and unwanted calves end up. 

At auction, no one wanted the clearly ill calf. She could barely walk through the pen. An Animal Place volunteer purchased Little Princess for a measly $5. Animal Place staff rushed her to UC Davis where veterinarians were appalled at her condition, one even stating that it was shocking an auction-yard would sell such a sick calf. But farmers and auction-yards don't care about the health of the frightened animals rushed through their doors - they care about making money.

We originally thought she was 2-months-old, but the vets determined she was 5-months-old...she had been so stunted by the painful infection ravaging her body.

A quick ultrasound revealed the sad truth - 80% of Little Princess' lungs were filled with pus. It would be impossible to save her. Unlike in slaughterhouses across the globe, where feeling, sentient beings are killed brutally for no other reason than a momentary taste, Little Princess was compassionately and humanely euthanized. And although she had never experienced the respect she deserved, her body was laid to rest at the sanctuary alongside the lucky few who were able to live their lives in peace.

Little Princess suffered because of the dairy industry. Behind every glass of milk is a mother grieving for her calf. Behind ever pint of ice cream is a calf who never received his own mother's milk.

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