Stanley Update - Stanley Meets Theo

January 12, 2013,

Young Stanley has been through a lot in his short life. Torn from his mom during a holiday storm, he found himself petrified and alone on a rural road. To make matters worse, Stanley suffered from two serious infections that nearly cost him his life. With a strong will to live and a lot of intense treatment from caregivers, Stanley pulled through. After his quarantine, when he was healthy, Stanley met his new "brother", front of quite the crowd!

Theo is a male Holstein who would have been killed for holiday veal. Unlike Stanley - who would have spent 6-8 months with his mom before being shipped to a feedlot- Theo was stolen from his mom immediately after birth. He never nursed or bonded with her. Both Stanley and Theo have never gotten an opportunity to frolic and play with other calves.


Emergency Calf Rescue - Saving Stanley

December 28, 2012-

A week ago, we took in a bedraggled calf. Frightened by a winter storm, he was separated from his mother on a farm which would have slaughtered him. He made his way onto a back county road where he was nearly killed by oncoming traffic.

Shivering and frightened, Stanley was saved when a highway patrol officer scooped him up and rushed him to a local animal control shelter

When Stanley arrived to our sanctuary we knew he was ill. The stench of his diarrhea indicated a severe bacterial infection, and the pus coming from his abdomen were signs of a navel infection.

We immediately provided fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and a special heat lamp to keep him warm. His ongoing care includes antibiotics to fight off his infection and special medication to address his diarrhea.

Stanley is slowly recovering. Yesterday, he enjoyed his first adventure outside since his quarantine. He raced back and forth in the pasture, kicking up his heels and enjoying his newfound freedom. He still needs to get much healthier before he can meet his new brother, Theo, but he is on his way there.

Every year, 33 million calves - just like Stanley - are slaughtered, after being sent to feedlots, where they spend the remainder of their short lives on dirt, tightly confined into small quarters. Stanley, an Angus, is the most common type of bovine raised for slaughter. Had he not escaped, he would have been branded with a hot iron and castrated...all without pain relief. He would have eventually been separated from his mother and family. And at the young age of two, he would have been killed. 

At the sanctuary, Stanley has the best opportunity to reach his twilight years in about 15 years!

Going vegan helps cows just like Stanley. Reducing the market for animal products reduces the number of animals exploited and killed for their flesh, milk, eggs, and wool.

And if you want to help Stanley recover, donate $15 towards our Rescue Medical Fund for 2013! Stanley still needs special treatment to thrive and your gift of compassion will make this New Year a one of joy for him! 


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