Unwanted Male Goats from Small Dairy Farm Abandoned at Animal Place
January 2, 2013

Two tiny goats left in a wire crate in the driveway of Animal Place sanctuary are safe and sound, looking for permanent placement. Luckily, neither goat froze to death or were harmed by predators overnight. 

The goats are victims of the dairy industry. A week prior to their abandonment, a man stopped by the Animal Place Grass Valley offices and asked if we would take in two unwanted 8-mos-old male Nigerian Dwarf goats. He had started a small dairy farm and some of the female goats gave birth to males. They do not produce milk and they are not eaten frequently. No longer interested in caring for non-milk producing animals, the man wanted to "get rid of" the two juvenile goats. 

He was told the sanctuary could not take in his animals because of several recent rescues and because we are unable to take in every single animal individuals no longer want to provide care for. We offered to assist in placing the goats, so they could remain in a safe location and the burden of responsibility for homing them would be on their legal guardian. 

Instead, the man came back a week later and dumped the two goats, a misdemeanor criminal charge in California. Unfortunately, his name and contact information were not given so we are unable to track him down to face legal punishment. We know he is local, and that he operates a small dairy farm with Nigerian Dwarf goats.

While what he did was irresponsible and illegal, it is not so much the abandonment that is so disheartening. No, it is the continued perception that the value of nonhumans exists only in their ability to be "useful" to whomever is exploiting them..for their flesh or their milk. These two goats were considered too small to slaughter (and we are glad of that) and male, so they don't produce milk. Instead of kind treatment, Barry and Manny were socially ostracized and unsocialized, leaving them frightened of humans. Given time and kindness, they should become more comfortable around people.

After they are neutered, they will be available for adoption. There is an adoption fee to help offset the costs of their care. Interested parties may fill out a form here.

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