Placement Assistant Board: Birds & Rabbits

None of these animals are in the custody of Animal Place. Animal Place is not responsible for the placement of these animals. Please do not contact Animal Place about placement. Contact the caregivers of each animal directly. Postings are kept up for 60 days and then taken down.

January 10, 2012
Name: Scout
Breed: Old Game Bantam
Gender: Male, Female
Age: 6-mos-old
Scout and three hens are looking for permanent placement. Current caregiver has too many birds.
Location: Union City, CA
To adopt, please contact Priscilla Hood at 510-825-8512 or by email.

December 16, 2011
Name: Brahma
Breed: Brahma bantam (white and grey)
Gender: Female
Age:  1-yr-old
A neighbor's flock of chickens were killed by a raccoon, except this one. She took in the bird but unfortunately the hen has been unable to integrate into her current flock.
She is located in Nevada City.
To adopt this lovely lady, please contact Malaika at 510-210-7285 or by email.

December 15, 2011
Names: Una and Due
Breed: Silkie, white
Gender: Male & Female
Age: 6-mos-old
Rescued as sickly chicks from a feed store. Unable to keep them because one is a rooster and rescuer would like to keep the two together. They are currently located in Pleasanton. Please contact Jessica at 209-640-1189 or by email.

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