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Celebration 25 Years of Putting Compassion into Action!

A $20 is the cost of one bag of chicken feed for the more than 150 chickens who are permanent residents at Animal Place, hens like Miss M here, who was saved from slaughter by an egg farmer. We go through a bag of feed every 48 hours!

With the hot summer here, the sanctuary is in drought-mode. The grasses grazed by the cows have not grown much. The 12  bovines here whip through $50 worth of hay every single day. Your $50 gift covers the cows' food for a day...and in honor of our 25th anniversary, when you make a $50 donation, we'll send you a foster parent certificate for one of the animal ambassadors!

Cornelius is one of the lucky few born at our sanctuary, after his mom was saved from slaughter while pregnant. The goats, cows, and sheep love hay...and this is the time of year they need it! Half a bale of alfalfa hay is $10...the cows go through 3-4 bales a day while the goats go through about 1/2 a bale a day. Your $10 donation feeds the goats for a day!

Saving lives is what we are about and to do that, we need to keep the Rescue Medical Fund well-stocked throughout the year so that we can save animals like Nick, bought at auction and chained outside of an apartment complex. He would have been killed to make veal if not for Animal Place. A $100 resupplies the Rescue Medical Fund and allows us to save more animals like Nick.

Pick Your Donation Amount!
Want to support our education and advocacy efforts, including our Food for Thought campaign and legislative efforts? Or maybe you want to help us build more barns to save more animals or find more loving homes for rescued animals? We love and appreciate all gifts - they will be used for our sanctuary, education, and advocacy work!

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140 Billion Animals Slaughtered Worldwide Every Year

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Since you opened this page, this is the number of animals killed worldwide by the meat, egg, and dairy industries.

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