Largest Rescue of Farmed Animals in California History
4,460 hens saved from starvation, Animal Place takes in more than 4,000

March 28, 2012-

One month later, see how the hens are doing! There are still 2,750 hens at our Rescue Ranch facility and 200 hens at our Grass Valley sanctuary. Any gift you can spare is much appreciated - your donation will feed and care for the rescued hens.

See photos from the rescue and recovery.

March 27, 2012-

Great news! 587 hens have been placed into loving homes. For adoption information, visit here.

Must reads: A Hen Learns to Eat Again and A Hen's First Steps

Important Links:

Get an inside glimpse into Animal Place's largest rescue ever:

Our Hen House interviewed executive director, Kim Sturla, about the rescue. Listen to it now!

Blog Updates
Hen Spa Day - the rescued Turlock hens get their nails trimmed
In Their Own Words: The Adopters - between 3/17-3/28, 587 hens were placed into new homes
In Their Own Words: Adoption Coordinator and Caregiver Jacie
In Their Own Words: Animal Caregiver David
Hen Spa Day - thank you so much to all of our amazing volunteers for making this rescue possible!

We are going through 15 bags of chicken feed a day ($300 a day!) for the more than 3,400 hens in our care (this includes the 3,000 hens from Turlock plus 400 hens from another previous egg farm rescue).

Two local feed stores have opened accounts people can donate to. If you want to help, call and ask to donate to Animal Place's account:
Western Ranch and Pet Supply - 707-448-6568
Higby's - 707-678-9007

March 1, 2012 -

Our biggest update today is the uploading of our short five minute film, giving you inside access to the largest California farm animal rescue. Please watch and share. If you are moved by this video and wish to help further, please donate. We are going through 15 bags of chicken feed a day...that's around $300!

February 28, 2012-

As you can imagine, it's been a heart-wrenching and uplifting past five days. As of today, there are still 3,315 hens alive and recovering at our Grass Valley and Vacaville sanctuaries.

We are going through more than 15 bags of chicken feed a day to nourish their broken bodies. Dozens of hens still require tube feeding and special mashed feed to repair the damage they suffered from starvation and life on an industrial egg farm.

The outpouring of support has been incredible. We have received words of gratitude and support from across the globe, and the gifts keep coming. Our friends to the north in Portland, Oregon are organizing the Emergency Turlock Hen Rescue Benefit Day. Please check it out and join in the effort to raise funds for the organizations, including Animal Place, involved in the largest California rescue of farm animals.

We have also updated our blog with a couple of individual's all about "firsts" for these hens - A Hen's First Meal & A Hen's First Steps Outside.

No matter where you live or how much you can or cannot give, there is one simple thing you can do to help the hens not lucky enough to be rescued - reduce or eliminate eggs from your diet. Even if it is one day a week, your food choices mean something to these hens.

A lucky hen

February 26, 2012-

Most of our staff are still in the field, caring for thousands of hens saved from this week's largest California rescue of farmed animals.

We are in desperate need of both donations and volunteers - these hens require around the clock care and it will be ongoing for the next several months.

Meet one of the survivors. She barely survived two weeks without food. We provided her with much-needed food and water but now she needs your help.

Your gift will cover her medical needs as well as ensure she has enough food and water to become robust and healthy.

Other: Any gift is appreciated

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