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You probably have little room for a cow in the house or a goat in the front yard, right? Gift yourself or someone else a foster parent package of one Animal Place foster animal. You will receive a wallet-sized card with a picture of your sponsored animal, a full-size color photo with your animal's story, a subscription to our Animal Place Magazine...and more importantly, you provide feed, bedding, medical care to your foster animal and others in need.

Sponsoring an animal is easy and makes for a great gift. Just choose from one of the animal ambassadors below! It's only $25.00

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 - $25.00
Alice was rescued from the Future Farmers of America (FFA) program where she would have been sent to slaughter if her 16-yr-old caregiver hadn't intervened. She is very curious but also extremely shy. If you can convince Sophie the sheep to say hi to you, Alice is sure to follow!

Daisy survived an egg farm, where she and 600 other hens were rescued from tiny metal cages. She is de-beaked, meaning a portion of her beak was cut off without pain relief as a chick. She loves grapes, but you have to cut them up for her! Daisy, like all chickens,  can see ultraviolet and infrared light.

Dakota and his four brothers were rescued from a free-range turkey farm days before they were slaughtered. They were left on our door-step with a "Happy Thanksgiving" card attached...and boy is Dakota thankful for that! He loves showing off his bright, white plumage and trilling to visitors!

Ella is from a goat dairy farm. She escaped and attempts to capture her failed, so the farm gave up. Ella was befriended by a human mother-daughter team who she learned to trust. We were able to save her from marauding dogs and angry neighbors with the help of the mother and daughter.

Nick was brought to the sanctuary Christmas day, after he was confiscated outside of a Berkeley, Calif. apartment complex. He is a by-product of the dairy industry, unwanted male calves who are sold at auction for as little as $15 and raised for backyard slaughter. Lucky for Nick, we took him in and now he is a healthy, happy bovine!

Larisa and nine other rabbits all came from a school that had become a dumping ground for rabbits. The school's grand solution was to hire a sniper to deal with the unwanted bunnies. Lucky for Larisa and friends, rabbit rescues intervened! 

Ruby the pig was saved from a pasture-based pig farm. The pigs had plenty of space to roam, but runt or sickly pigs are killed the same as on large, industrial farms - by being slammed against the ground. A visitor on a tour heard about this and offered to take in Ruby. She is a spunky pig who enjoys mud-baths and bossing everyone around!

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