Ellen and Starr Saved from Starvation and Slaughter! Ellen Gives Birth!

December 1, 2012-

Enjoy Noah and Cornelius as they leap and frolic into your heart! Here is a video of them enjoying time outside with visitors, their mom Ellen (black and white), and Auntie Starr (white and brown). We think it is fabulous that they both ended up looking like a cross between Ellen and Starr - how fitting!

November 28,2012-

Thanks to our supporters, the two newest baby goats have names - Noah and Cornelius. Noah has a large white blaze across his face, and Cornelius is a little larger than his brother. Marielle Lesaguis named Noah and Laurie Conning picked Cornelius.

November 18, 2012 - Today, we welcomed two new babies to our ever-expanding nursery! Ellen gave birth to two healthy boys early this morning. Her delivery went well, and all of our staff and interns sighed in relief that Ellen had finally given birth!

In honor of our supporters, we are offering an opportunity to name one of the two babies. With a donation of $5.00, you can "enter" a suggested name for one of these baby boys. Your gift will be used to help care for these growing kids as well as the other rescued animals in our nursery - including one growing calf and twelve baby turkeys! We will announce a winner Tuesday November 27th. The winner will receive a picture of their named kid! 


October 24, 2012 - Important update! Ellen, the little black and white goat saved from a bullet to the head, is pregnant! We expect her to kid in the next week or so, and will be giving YOU a chance to help name the kid(s)! We've felt the hooves kicking and the heart beating, so we know there is at least one baby. Ellen has gained an enormous amount of weight and is enjoying the extra food and a coat to keep her warm. Any donations are appreciated!

 August 31, 2012-

Two goats from separate farms are safe and sound with Animal Place.

Seconds away from being shot, Ellen found a hero in Officer Todd Stosuy of Santa Cruz County Animal Services. Stosuy was investigating a local slaughterhouse where buyers pick out an animal for slaughter onsite.

In 2008, we rescued eight sheep and goats from the same facility. After that rescue, the owner went out of business but unfortunately the property was purchased by another person with little regard for the welfare of farmed animals.

Like the previous owner, the current one buys animals at auctions, fattens them on bread, and then allows people to pick animals for slaughter.

Lucky for Ellen, Officer Stosuy convinced the owner to relinquish the goat to his custody. Unfortunately, there was nothing illegal occurring at the slaughterhouse, so no other animals could be confiscated.

A couple days later, Officer Stosuy came to the aid of another goat...who would become Ellen's dearest friend.

Star was being used as a weed eater, along with 300 other goats.

The problem with weed abatement programs? Goats will eat down all the food they love, then starve until they are forced to eat plants they don't normally consume. Some goats starve to death. 

Starr was found down, unable to stand up on her own. According to the property owner, it's common to just let some of the goats "slip through the cracks" and die.

A veterinarian put Starr's body condition at a 1.5, on a scale of 1-5, 1 being the worst.

When Starr and Ellen were introduced, they bonded immediately. Both had known suffering and abuse, but now they had each other.

We will provide them with the nourishment and compassion they desperately need and both will live out their lives in peace.

You can help Ellen and Starr out by donating to their care! And, you can help more by cutting animal products out of your diet!

Check out more photos of Starr and Ellen here.

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$50.00 towards the Rescue Medical Fund
$100.00 to help rescue more animals
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Other, any donation is greatly appreciated

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