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Help Spring 1,800 Hens to Freedom!
Egg farmer phasing out of egg business, help us find homes for 1,800 hens!

Animal Place is ready to spring into action and save 1,800 hens from an egg farm going out of business! We have until April 4th to find as many homes as possible. To do that we need YOUR help!

This rescue is different than others. Because of staff limitations, we can only rescue as many hens as we can place into pre-approved adoptive homes. We have three opportunities to save hens – Friday March 21st, Friday March 28th, and our last date Friday, April 4th. Over those weekends, we’ll host adoption events for approved adopters.

The hens are 8-12 mos-old red girls. Sassy, sweet, and inquisitive they are great additions to anyone’s flock!

We can save hens with your help!


Adoption events for March 22-23 are closed - we have maxed out on the number of hens we can bring up! 

Live in northern California? Can pick up birds from Vacaville on March 29, of 30th,or on April 5-6th? Great! Scroll down to fill out the special adoption form for this rescue! Please note: We CANNOT adopt out of state or to southern California because of staffing limitations.

There are adoption fees. Please understand these rescues are very expensive and rarely do adoption fees completely offset the cost of these rescues but they go a long way. Some of these hens will be going to other shelters where we will not recoup any of our costs of rescue, staff time, feed, veterinary care and transport (since they will be adopted through the shelter programs). We are modifying our normal adoption fees. These fees are reduced. 
1-9 hens: $7/bird
10-15 hens: $5/bird

Please note, we do not adopt out more than 15 hens to one individual. 

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