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Animal Place Internship GrantsGrants for Former Animal Place Interns

Have you successfully completed an internship at Animal Place within the past 18-months? Apply for one of our post-internship grants and put those compassion muscles back into action! We want to thank you for your service at the sanctuary and encourage you to pay it forward with one of our grants.

How it works: If you have completed an internship with Animal Place in the past, you are eligible to apply for a grant. Fill out the form below to start the process. Be detailed! You must complete the form to qualify. You must also provide documentation of your project or event. You are not guaranteed a grant. You will receive an answer within 60 days of applying. All recipients of an Animal Place Intern Grant will receive their grant funds within 14 business days of acceptance. If selected you are required to provide documentation, including text and photos, of the project or event within 30 days of completion of your project.

Grant amounts: Grants are awarded in the range of $50-500. You are not guaranteed a grant nor are you guaranteed the amount you requested.

Grant projects: Only grant applications that further the cause of animal rights or the benefit of nonhumans in your community will be considered. Priority will be given to projects and events that promote veganism or farmed animal rights. Examples to inspire you include: Bringing in a speaker to speak at your college or local community center, hosting a vegan bake sale, creating an animal rights club, funding the distribution or screening of an animal rights film in your community/school, etc.

Who is not eligible: Current interns must complete their internship prior to applying. Interns who have interned more than 18 months ago.

Additional funding: If you have not already done so, please review VegFund Grant Programs for additional funding options.


Animal Place Internship Dates:*
Internship Department:*


Name of Project:*
Proposed Date:*
Type of Project (e.g. Food Sampling, Film Screening, Print or Online Resource)*
Other Organizations Involved (e.g. college, student animal rights group, other community group):*
Individuals Involved:*
Target Audience and Expected Reach:*
Breakdown of Expected Costs:*
Grant amount requested ($50-$500):*
Anything Else You'd Like to Tell Us About the Project:
Are you willing to provide Animal Place with photos and an evaluation of the project once complete?*