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Mourning the Loss of Tom Regan

Tom Regan: November 28, 1938 – February 17, 2017

Born in November 1938, Tom Regan was one of the most influential members of the animal rights movement. Considered a pioneer of the movement, his 1983 work The Case for Animal Rights continues to have an impact on those within and outside the community. A former butcher, the American Philosopher became vegan and fought not for the welfare of animals who would be slaughtered, but for the rights which they are due by virtue merely of existence. His work played a defining role in setting the bar for the considerations we must give nonhuman animals. He laid before readers new arguments regarding the inherent worth of all animals, regardless of their benefit to humans.

Regan died due to complications from pneumonia on Friday, February 17, 2017.

A professor emeritus at North Carolina State University, Regan was one of the rare philosophers whose work had import and influence outside academia. Though he wrote many books and papers, The Case for Animal Rights remains his most notable work. It has been translated to multiple languages and continues to push conversations about nonhuman animals and their place on the planet.

Through books, papers, speeches, and other activism, Regan was an outspoken animal rights activist even after his retirement in 2001. Our hearts and thoughts are with Regan’s friends and family now and always. We will do our best to promote his ideals and extend respect and compassion to all living beings.

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