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Meet Junior

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Birth: 5/19/2013
Arrival: 11/19/2013


Junior has always been one brave Angus! Born on a cow-calf ranch in Northern California, Junior was not about to hang around and be shipped off to slaughter.

Bovines born on cow-calf ranches are allowed to nurse and bond with their herds for 8 or 9 months before they are torn from their families, sent to feedlots, and slaughtered before they reach 2-years-old. But not Junior.

Junior escaped from the farm! Farmers tried to catch him and failed. Junior made friends with the small neighborhood near the pasture he lived in. People began to feed and bond with Junior. It wasn’t long before Animal Place was called in to bring him home.

Junior did not trust us, so we brought panels and fencing to create a corral for him. One of his favorite people called him over, and he came running. It took a few nights before Junior was caught in the corral, but once he was, we loaded him up and brought him home.

Junior is forever safe in our herd—he has found his place and charmed the entire staff. If you found yourself rooting for Junior, you already know what happens to cows and calves on ranches is wrong. Both babies and adults suffer great emotional distress every year (because calves are taken away every year). The calves spend the remainder of their lives in fear (and typically in poor conditions) and are brutally slaughtered when they are still babies. You can save animals like Junior every day, one meal at a time. When you stop eating animals, you start giving life.