Enter to Name Two of the Cutest Piglets Alive
(No Offense Marigold)

Animal Place is currently the world-renowned Center of Cuteness. We've got Panda Bob and Mortimer calves, Marigold playing like a puppy, and now three porcine newcomers who take our cuteness game to a whole new level and two of them need YOUR help...in getting a name, that is!

The three piglets were born at a petting zoo which, like most petting zoos, profits off cuteness and discards the animals when they age. In this case, the birth was unexpected and the zoo didn't want any of the piglets at all - in fact, two were sold for slaughter before an individual could intervene. We ache for these two piglets who will never know joy like the pigs at Animal Place. Luckily, the three remaining piglets were saved and brought to our sanctuary.

Male piglet and runt of the litter Rudy is keeping his name in honor of the rescuer's ailing grandfather. But the two other girls need names...we can't just keep calling them Red and Patty-II!

Want to help?

Meet the Piglets

Sassy, bold black-and-white piglet! - now named Magpie!

Sweet and adorable red piglet! Now named Georgina Grace Wiggle Bottom!

And just so you can see how adorable Rudy is, here's a photo of him too!


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