Happy Birthday, Ruby!


Ruby turned two, and we wanted to make it a memorable experience for her! Staff and interns showered her with attention and, more importantly, food! A generous donor, Robin Adams, purchased a whole bunch of vegan cupcakes for Ruby, her porcine, and human friends!

Check out photos from her birthday party! After you look at the photos, share them!

Ruby is from a small farm, where the pigs graze on green pastures and have room to roam. The idyllic setting hides a darker side.

All the piglets are slaughtered when they are only 8-mos-old, and when the moms stop giving birth, they too are killed. Saddest of all, the piglets born with physical deformities or sickly are killed in the same manner on industrial, factory farms.

Ruby would have been slammed repeatedly against concrete until she died.

It’s hard to imagine, especially after seeing how happy she enjoys her life and treats!

Please share the photos and video of Ruby loving her treats!


Marji Beach

Education Manager

PS. Remember to share the video with your friends!


Yes! I want to sponsor Ruby and her porcine pals for a year!

- $25
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