Each month, meet one of the dedicated advocates striving toward a more compassionate world for farmed animals. This month, meet animal care director, Jamie London.

How did you develop your interest in vegan lifestyle?

I was lucky that I questioned where my food came from at an early age thus prompting my personal evolution to veganism. 

For me veganism is a way of life, not entirely unlike a religion.  I practice every day.   I believe that once you open your eyes to the pain and suffering of others, you see it everywhere.  And as a conscientious being I have always felt the need to speak up for the ones without voices.

Is there a particular animal on the farm who you connect with?

Most people here know I have a particular fondness for turkeys, but I must say that I’m drawn more towards strong personalities.  Turkeys just tend to have colossal ones.

 What has been the most rewarding experience at Animal Place?

The Turlock Rescue.  I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to explain the joy I felt as I watched them come out of those sheds and then learn to live like a chicken and become individuals in the weeks and months that followed.

Do you have any animal companions of your own?

Marvin (cat), Dixie (cat), Pixie (bestest dog ever) and Wendal (my other favorite)

 Besides animals, what else are you passionate about?

Food, gardening, books, hiking

What advice would you give to people interested in transitioning to a vegetarian diet?

There are so many different substitutes out there for animal proteins, and so I recommend people try all that they can find.  

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140 Billion Animals Slaughtered Worldwide Every Year

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