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The Animals – Chickens

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She-Ra Dust-bathing!

Did you know chickens keep themselves clean and parasites away with daily dust-baths? Rescue hen, She-Ra demonstrates!

Tiny Comb

In 2012, 50,000 hens at a Turlock egg farm were abandoned and left without food for more than two weeks. Tiny Comb is one of the 4,460 hens state officials allowed Animal Place to pull from that farm – the only survivors in one massive cruelty case. Deprived of basic nourishment, it was a miracle that most of the rescued hens survived. Tiny Comb is one of those survivors – she overcame starvations, neglect, and fear of humans. She keeps mostly to herself and loves napping beneath the perches in the barn.

Watch this documentary on the Turlock rescue, directed by Keegan Kuhn (Cowspiracy):

TURLOCK the documentary from First Spark Media on Vimeo.