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Aiden – Sponsor Aiden

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Aiden was rescued in 2007 from a farm that left him in a field to die. He is what the industry calls a “bummer lamb.” Sheep today are bred to produce too many lambs, so mothers will often abandon one of the babies simply because she can’t care for them. On big farms it’s not profitable to bottle feed the 10-15% of lambs born “bummer lambs” so they are left in fields to die. Aiden was left out in a field during a major thunderstorm, but luckily someone who drove by rescued him. He suffered from pneumonia and the fever liked caused some brain damage, which is part of what makes Aiden so special. He has a truly unique personality! When he came to Animal Place, he quickly went from “bummer lamb” to abundantly adored “office lamb.”


May 23 2015 Carmen A-1


Carmen was rescued in 2011 from a farm that used sheep for weed abatement. When Carmen tripped in a gopher hole, breaking her leg in two places, the owners of the property refused to provide veterinary care. It would be a week before neighbors intervened and saved Carmen. Attempts were made to save her leg but infection rendered the leg useless and the damage was irreversible. The leg had to be amputated. Her stump is too small for a prosthesis to function so she ambles around on three legs. When she starts to hurt, she’ll approach a volunteer for massages. This is our sign to put her on pain medications and anti-inflammatories.

Carmen is a Barbados sheep, a breed that is more like wild sheep and the ancestors of domestic sheep – she has hair and a fine wool that naturally sheds in the spring and summer. Humans have selectively bred sheep to produce continuously growing fiber instead of hair.


May 25 2015 Gwen A-1Shy sums up Gwen nicely. Rescued in 2007 after she was abandoned by her mom, Gwen arrived a month after Aiden. They bonded as lambs but Gwen quickly developed her independence! She is a gentle sheep and flits through the flock, making friends with everyone.