Eat For a Cause
The Veggie Grill is a favorite of Animal Place staff...but with most of their locations in southern California, eating there has been a rare treat.

No longer! Veggie Grill is opening up a new restaurant in San Jose, California. And on Sunday, November 25th, 50% of your food purchases from 5-9 pm will go to Animal Place! All you need to do is download and print out this flyer or verbally mention "Animal Place's fundraiser" and that's it!

A whole slew of Animal Place staff will be enjoying this event and we hope you do too! 

Event Details:
Date: Sunday, November 25th
Time: 5-9 pm
Location: Santana Row, San Jose
What you need to do: Bring the flyer or verbally mention the Animal Place fundraiser and 50% of your food and beverage purchases go to the animals!

Read what our staff favorites are ...

The Crispy Chickin' Plate is a cruelty-free way to enjoy that southern flavor I grew up on. And seriously, I don't know how I live without that Carrot Cake! - Molly Jordan, Intern & Outreach Coordinator 

The carrot cake and All Hail Kale! Nothing beats a hearty and delicious kale salad followed by the perfect slice of carrot cake. -Stephanie Frankle, Outreach Volunteer

Sante Fe Crispy Chicken and Buffalo Wings!!!! - David Phinney, Rescue Ranch Animal Care Coordinator

B-wing salad with kale instead of romaine! - Jacie Volek, Rescue Ranch Adoption Coordinator

The Buffalo Bomber is hands-down my favorite. Just the right amount of spice and tang! And with a side of fries, yum! - Marji Beach, Education Manager

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