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16,000! – Rescue Ranch Reaches Incredible Milestone

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16,000! Rescue Ranch MilestoneWith our most recent liberation of 2,000 hens from battery cages, our Rescue Ranch rescue and adoption center reached an amazing milestone – 16,000 lives saved! This after only 4.5 years in existence!

Nearly 11,000 of those saved are hens pulled from battery cages at egg farms. More than 3,000 originated from free-range or pasture-based egg farms. We’ve saved goats from dairy farms, sheep from being shot and slaughtered, turkeys from being killed, and pigs from being roasted.

Our biggest live-saving mission occurred in 2012 at a Turlock battery cage egg farm. Farmers left the birds without food and water for more than two weeks. We were the first to arrive and the last to leave, bringing home 4,100 of the 4,460 malnourished hens.

You can see that rescue here:

We were once in a position to pull 500 hens from metal cages before their throats were slit and had to make the decision whether to spend $3/bird or let the birds die. While not our general policy, we chose to spend $1,500 to prevent the needless suffering of these 500 lives. Agree or not, we know you are grateful too that these birds are now alive, their powerful stories continuing to transform lives.

You’ve been there with us too! You’ve adopted the lives saved, donated to their needs while in our care, and volunteered your time! You’ve supported our efforts and we thank you!

You’ve seen hens touch earth for the first time:

You’ve cried in joy with us when caged hens touched and saw snow for the first time:

You’ve watched rescued turkeys be free until new homes could be found:

And you sent your support and love and well-wishes to the more than 1,000 hens we flew across the country to sanctuaries on the east coast just so we could save 3,000 lives instead of 2,000:

We thank you. In every dust-bath taken, every nest made, every first step and long life…the hens, goats, ducks, sheep, turkeys, pigs, and cows thank you too.


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  1. Darlene Fernandes says:

    I would love to adopt 6 hens when you come to Fresno April 4th. How do I get an application. I live on 2 acres and I have only 2 hens but would like to have more. I have a pen and have a nice home for them to lay there eggs. I have a tarp over half so they have shade or a place to get out of the rain. I would appreciate you help. Thanks Darlene