Monthly Archives: May 2021

From cages to freedom

5/28/2021 500 hens are free! Early this morning, a team of five Animal Place staff members headed to a California egg farm to save the lives of 500 hens. These hens have lived inside barren, metal wire cages for 3.5 years, the oldest hens we have rescued from battery cage facilities. Normally, egg farms kill the […]

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How “Market Animal Projects” Harm Both Animals and Children

It is a warm summer day at the fairgrounds. The scents of funnel cake and kettle corn combined with the unmistakable “barnyard” smell combine to create an oddly nostalgic atmosphere. Joyful screams and cheers can be heard from ferris wheels and roller coasters in the distance.   A little girl, blonde and covered with freckles, […]

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