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End Live Animal Markets

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Prevent Future Pandemics: End Cruel and Dangerous Live Animal Markets We need your help! Urge legislators to pass S.4749 by Senator Cornyn and co-sponsor Senator Booker- the Preventing Future Pandemics Act now! This bill will ban live animal markets in the United States and help prevent future pandemics. You may have never heard of a […]

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Spotlight on: Pigs

Have you ever witnessed a display of emotions in an animal? Does your dog do a “happy dance” and bark for joy when you say the phrase “go for a walk”? Has your cat ever tried to comfort you by purring and kneading your lap when you were sad? Does it drive you crazy when […]

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Rodeos: Myths vs Facts

Rodeos are often portrayed as harmless summer fun. To many, they seem like an exciting place to spend a summer night. After all, animals aren’t physically harmed- right? You may be surprised to learn of the suffering that animals endure at rodeo events across the U.S. If you love animals and don’t want to harm […]

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Celebrating Motherhood in Animals

Mother’s Day is around the corner. As we use this day to honor the human mothers who’ve made a difference in our lives, we also want to acknowledge non-human mothers. More often than not, motherhood is not respected in animals. In fact, it’s taken advantage of and exploited.   Many people don’t realize that the […]

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Animal Place Advocacy Alerts: Make a Difference!

Sometimes the heaviness of current issues can be daunting. But there are things you can do to make a difference. Emails to legislators, social media campaigns, and signing petitions can be deeply impactful. We’ve dedicated ourselves to making it easier for you to make a difference!  We call this effort the “compassion campaign”. We monitor […]

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