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Do you believe in kindness?

After Ruth’s rescue, we sure do! 

Ruth was bought at auction by a roadside butcher. Malnourished, wheezing, and unable to put any weight on her back left leg, Ruth needed human kindness.

Activists at Chino Cow Save saw Ruth and knew the farmer would be willing to give up the injured ewe. They knew he had little interest in caring for an injured animal who would not bring in money. 

But first Ruth needed a sanctuary to take her in.

When we saw a video of her hobbling around in a dirt feedlot, we immediately jumped into action. Because, like you, we believe in kindness. And with your donation of $25, Ruth will continue to receive the kindness, respect, and care she deserves.

A community of sanctuaries, activists, and kind people worked together to get Ruth from the farm, to a safe location, where our staff could pick her up. 

It took a whole lot of kindness and action to save Ruth’s life!

Our staff drove through the night down to southern California to pick Ruth up. We took her to a veterinary hospital where Ruth was sedated and evaluated. 

Ruth suffers from a painful condition called hoof rot. An infection that started in her hoof wall spread, eating away at her hoof, leaving Ruth with exposed, raw skin. This left her entirely unable to put weight on the foot.

Radiographs showed the leg was not broken and that, so far, the infection had not spread to her bone. 

Ruth was given antibiotics, pain medications, and her hoof was cleaned up. Caregivers isolated her and treated her daily with hoof wraps…Ruth has become very fond of apple treats that are used to hide her medicine!

It will be a long, costly road to recovery for Ruth, and we hope – in the end – her foot will be healed. 

I believe in human kindness, do you?

If your answer is yes, then consider a donation to Ruth’s care today. A $50 donation covers a part of her growing veterinary bill. 

We will keep you updated on Ruth’s progress and hope that she will soon be able to meet the sheep flock.