Every year 10 billion land and roughly 47 billion marine animals are abused, exploited, and killed in the United States for food. There are few laws giving them any legal protection. We need your help to make this world a more compassionate place for farmed animals. Take action by following the steps below. Want to be the first to know when animals need your help?

Your help is urgently needed to fight one of the most dangerous bills of our time. The EATS (Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression) Act would forbid states from placing regulations or standards on agricultural products – removing all welfare standards for animals exploited by the agricultural industry.

Basic, bare minimal protections that animal advocates have worked tirelessly for decades to pass will be deemed irrelevant. Regulations could be reversed in states that have banned intensive confinement of animals, including gestation and farrowing crates too small for pigs to turn around, battery cages too narrow for hens to spread their wings, and veal crates for calves. Advice from veterinarians, animal behavioral scientists, animal care providers, and advocates will be ignored.

It’s not just animals in the food industry, either; as fur farms and puppy mills legally constitute “agriculture,” these industries are also at risk of being completely de-regulated. These industries are problematic enough as they exist today. De-regulation would cause nothing short of a crisis. The bill’s impact is not limited to animals, either. Regulations that protect human health, worker safety, and environmental conservation would also be up for elimination and could not be passed by states in the future.

If the EATS Act passes, animal agriculture will run rampant, unchecked in its ability to harm animals. Help us stop the EATS Act immediately by writing a letter to your senator today!

A single pig farm might house 10,000 pigs. The top 40 egg farms in the United States all house over one million hens, with the largest, Cal-Maine Foods, at nearly 50 million hens.

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