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Animal Care Manager

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Have you been working at an animal sanctuary, rescue, or shelter and want to accelerate your animal career to the next level? 

Then look no further than Animal Place’s Animal Care Manager position, where you can do soul-enriching work surrounded by hundreds of rescued animals in Grass Valley, California (1-hour from Sacramento). Join a team of dedicated animal lovers who are agents of change for nearly 400 cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, sheep, goats, and rabbits.

Your perks include:

  • Your own family-friendly 2 bedroom and 1 bath duplex (rent free) located at our sanctuary with a private yard. Your home is down the road from the rabbit barn. Watch sunsets in your yard, while admiring Bernie, Evelyn, Ophelia, Phoebe, and Maxwell pigs across the way. Some mornings, you might encounter the inquisitive face of Keegan the bovine and his four herd-mates. Companion animals welcome, pending approval. 
  • Help develop, create, and implement animal care policies that will improve the life of individuals at the sanctuary. This includes working with our animal care director on treatment protocols for individual animals, interfacing with veterinarians for appointments, and developing species-specific enrichment. 
  • Supervise and manage a  dedicated team of caregivers and interns who are all united in the drive to save more lives and provide incredible care to the residents at the sanctuary. 
  • Comprehensive health insurance
  • Competitive salary for the field of animal care, commensurate with your skill and background. 
  • Two weeks vacation plus 6 paid holidays and sick time.

What you can expect to learn:

  • Top-notch species-specific animal care from the best: Your mentor and colleague will be Animal Care Director Hannah Beins, who has been with the sanctuary for more than five years. She will guide you on how to:
    • Treat Sassafras turkey’s chronic bumblefoot infection.
    • Manage feeding protocols for special-needs groups like Cornish cross chickens, broad-breasted turkeys, geriatric goats, and neonatal piglets.
    • Vaccinate grumpy pig Tiffany and all of her friends. 
    • Manage and oversee health checks for the goats, sheep, chickens,  turkeys, pigs and rabbits.
    • Safely handle Murphy the 2,000-lb bovine for health checks and Don Juan, the 1-lb opinionated bantam rooster.
    • Identify obvious and subtle signs of illness in eight different species.
    • Best care practices for species at our sanctuary.
  • The proper way to clean a chicken barn: All joking aside, you’ll learn cleaning and disinfecting protocols as part of your overall job. This is not an office job, we expect you to get out in the field cleaning, mucking, enriching, and caring for the animals. You cannot be the best advocate for the animals if you never see them!
  • How to manage our digital database to track animal health: If you know how to use Salesforce, then consider yourself ready for database management. If not, you’ll learn how to use Salesforce to create, update, and manage all individual animal records. And that is a marketable skill!
  • Implement and carry out weekly species-specific health checks: By the end of your first year, you’ll be a pro at which goat will work for food and which needs to be haltered; whether the sheep sneezing is just allergies or something serious; and if Lucy’s limp is from a hoof abscess or hoof cracks. 
  • Participate in large scale rescues: Join us on one of many annual large-scale hen rescues, where you help liberate up to 500 hens at a time from cruel egg farms.

Expectations we have of you:

  • Happy to interact with humans: Yes, you will spend a large part of your job interfacing and caring for farmed animals. But you will also be a role model for your fellow caregivers, volunteers, and interns. You will need to be comfortable with conflict management, compassionate and respectful communication.
  • Confident and comfortable with large and small animals alike: You will get hands-on training with large and small animals, but you should already feel comfortable handling or interacting with a 1,500-lb cow, 800-lb pig, and 2-lb angry rooster. If the wings of a flapping chicken scare you, you might want to reconsider. But if you think “gosh, a tiny sheep head butting me sounds fun”, then have we got a sheep named Jett for you!
  • Okay with weather: The climate here is moderate most of the year! But it’s generally 85-100 F during the months of June-August, and it gets to freezing during winter. Oh, it also rains a lot. The goats here hate it but you have to be able to deal with rain without running to a barn for shelter.
  • Able to carry some things that weigh around 25-30 pounds, by yourself. 
  • Expanded on-site role. Living onsite has many perks, and it also has a bit of extra responsibility. You will need to be on-call 1-2 times a week (on the property). 
  • Willing to be Vegan because eating the animals you care for just isn’t cool.

Who is Animal Place?

Animal Place has been around for YEARS. Since 1989, we’ve provided sanctuary to farmed animals saved from cruelty. We pride ourselves on not only saving lives (32,000 and counting) but also offering robust vegan advocacy programs. We don’t just save lives, we work to prevent suffering through humane education. Our main sanctuary is on 600-acres in Grass Valley, California. Our second facility is in Petaluma, on 12-acres. There, we legally liberate hens from egg farms, help them recover, then find them forever homes through our rescue & adoption program. Oh, and we have a house for residential interns and a guest house for overnight visitors!

So you would be joining one of the largest, oldest, and – dare we say it – BEST sanctuaries in the country! And if you have not heard of us, we suggest you visit our website and make sure our ethics align with yours: animalplace.org 

Basic Information

Job Title: Animal Care Manager

Job Status: Full Time, Grass Valley, Live On-Site

Immediate Supervisor: Animal Care Director

Salary: based on experience

If you have more than two years animal caregiving experience at a rescue, sanctuary, or shelter, and the above fits you to a T – send a cover letter on what makes you an awesome candidate, your resume, and three professional references to humanresources@animalplace.org