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Animal Care Supervisor, Live In, Full Time

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Animal Care Supervisor, Live in, Full-Time

Animal Place’s Rescue Ranch

Organization Description: Animal Place is an animal rights organization promoting the complete protection of farmed animals and a vegan lifestyle. There are two facilities: a 600-acre sanctuary in Grass Valley, CA that serves as a permanent safe haven for farmed animals as well as education center and the 60-acre Rescue Ranch facility in Vacaville, CA. Rescue Ranch provides a temporary home for adoptable farmed animals, with a special emphasis on chickens from the egg industry. If you are unfamiliar with Animal Place, visit our website at www.animalplace.org before considering applying.

Rescue Ranch began in 2010 and since then, more than 25,000 animals have been saved, primarily hens rescued from egg farms prior to slaughter but also turkeys, sheep, goats, llamas, and pigs.

Job Title: Animal Care Supervisor

Job Status: Full-time, live-in (single occupancy studio)

Immediate Supervisor: Rescue Ranch Manager

Job Description

The full-time live-in animal care supervisor is responsible for assisting the Rescue Ranch manager in the oversight of animal care and caregivers. Duties include cleaning barns, feeding animals, and providing veterinary/medical care to the animals. Additional responsibilities include working with adopters who pick up animals and supervising staff and volunteers and filling in for the manager when requested.


  • Minimum 1-yr supervisory experience
  • Passionate about working for and with farmed animals, previous experience required
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Good animal behavior and observation skills
  • Able to work outdoors in all weather conditions, including cold/wet weather (average low is 35F) and hot summers (average high is 95-100F)
  • Able to lift 30-40 pounds and perform strenuous/manual labor
  • Works well with a variety of people
  • Strong communication and listening skills
  • Able to follow detailed instructions and meet time sensitive demands
  • Able to learn and process new information quickly
  • Team player and self motivator
  • Comfortable dealing politely with the general public
  • Committed to Animal Place’s mission and a desire to be a part of the Animal Place family
  • Willing to work on weekend/holidays/varying shift times
  • Valid driver’s license and good driving record (subject to verification)
  • Personal cell phone required (not paid for by Animal Place)
  • Vegan


  • Supervising animal care and staff and volunteers during Rescue Ranch manager weekends
  • Overseeing property when Rescue Ranch manager is offsite
  • Animal feeding/watering and maintaining animal feed schedules
  • Daily animal health care and maintaining treatment records
  • Dispensing medications to sick animals
  • Daily cleaning duties and maintaining the shelter areas
  • Aiding with weekly animal health checks
  • Training and supervising shelter volunteers
  • Handling or supervising staff when adopters pick up animals

Extra Live-In Responsibilities

  • After hours responsibilities as needed
  • On-call responsibility 2-3 days/week

Hours/Days: 40 hours

Compensation: Salary based on experience, studio housing provided (including utilities), paid vacation, health insurance. Furnishings of studio apartment optional. Studio apartment is single-occupancy only.

Start Date: flexible

How to Apply: Submit a cover letter and resume via email to humanresources@animalplace.org In subject line, write Rescue Ranch Animal Care Supervisor application.

Faxes cannot be accepted. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing.




9 Responses so far.

  1. Sue farrell says:

    Interested in non vet care. If you have need- I am great with Animals. Animal care over 20 years
    I want to be in rescue setting exactly as you offer but I am not vet tech experienced and not experienced with chicken care.
    Susan Farrell Petssmile4 sue@gmsil.com

  2. Toni Leech says:

    Thank you for reaching out. I am a dedicated vegan and a lover and protector of all sentient beings. I have been rescuing animals since I could walk and talk at 2 years old. My family is the same. At 53 years old, I do have 10 dogs and 2 cats as my personal companion animals. I would love the opportunity to help more animals in a greater capacity. If you believe I am a candidate, and I can house my babies please let me know. 610-945-4483. Thank you, Toni

  3. Andrea Ney says:

    I love animals , I work with rescued all my
    Life and I would love to hear from you

  4. Gina says:

    Please email me toand let me know to have me a visit there

  5. Maria Loyola says:

    If I could i so would fly out there and take this position. I have a 4 leg son (dog) and sincehes ben in my life I have become aware of what goes on behind close doors to so many helpless animals , they are victims to so many cruel humans for so many years .
    I see a person walk their do g I this heat and I offer my boys water because so many have dogs but do not have that commitment that love of what if it’s theist what if it’s too hot what ifs….
    I hate collars I do . I advice people put harness instead of collars on their silent little dogs .
    Anyway, I am paraplegic and cannot apply for this potsition . Good luck and I hope u find a kind selfless loving and patient applicant .

  6. Andrea Otero says:

    Hello, Good day to You! and thank you for your email, love the opportunity, its something that would love to do and shall do as it is what I am aiming for. I will save this email and in the near future, I will send my resume, and hopefully then you will be hiring as well.
    Thank you for what you do, looking forward to some day be a part of it!
    Andrea Otero

  7. Jayna Andrew says:

    Animal place , I am applying for the Animal-care-supervisor-live-in position. I have taken care of animals my entire life. I am a RN and I have a strong work ethic,I am physically strong and I am dedicated. I have sent a resume and cover letter. I would love to have the opportunity to live and work with your organization and to take care and give all the love these animals deserve and need, I feel I have so much to offer and would be an asset. Thank You,

    Jayna Andrew

  8. Theresa Lopez says:

    Animal Place,
    I am applying for the live in Animal care supervisor position.
    I have been rescuing animals for 20 years. I would be perfect for this position.
    I submitted my resume. I work as MLT full time I am ready to do something I totally Love and is part of my heart.
    I hope to hear from you soon

  9. Ankita says:

    Animal Care is a our duty.