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Animal Place explores the future of the farmed animal movement with FACES

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Even and especially in the midst of a pandemic, the fight for animal rights goes on. Animal Place is excited to host the Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit (FACES) this week (Aug 3-9), sponsored by the Plant-Based Network. Join us to hear some of the most innovative voices in law, advocacy, art, ethics and philosophy, as we discuss the future of the farmed animal movement.

Each day will feature three hour-long prerecorded conversations with experts and leaders in the farmed animal movement. These videos will be available in the morning and will be accessible for twenty-four hours to everyone who simply registers for the conference. Those who buy the Summit Pack, though, will have permanent access to the recordings forever.

No matter what brings you to animal rights, you will find someone who speaks directly to you, and someone who energizes you about a new facet of the movement. 

For those thinking about how veganism intersects with social justice, Brenda Sanders offers ways to think about “Veganism as Empowerment,” and Dawn Moncrief helps us think about “Food as a Social Justice Issue.” Outside of food, Michelle Rojas-Soto considers “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” and Anita Krajnc considers what it means to encounter pain with her talk on “Bearing Witness.”

If you’re interested in challenging the unethical practices of the meat industry, Kelcie Leach discusses the role of sanctuaries in large-scale rescues in her talk about “Dealing with the Ag Industry.” Join pioneers in plant-based foods Seth Tibbott and Mioko Schinner as they talk about “Ethical Business for Farmed Animals” and “Food Fight: Vegans vs. Industry.” Then, to put veganism into practice, Toni Okamoto Shapiro will consider the “Accessibility of Veganism” in our own kitchens.

Of course, scientific approaches should inform how we think about veganism. Learn more about the field of animal science with Marc Bekoff’s talk on “Farmed Animal Emotions,” and Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson’s discussion of “Farmed Animal Behavior.” Consider the “Environmental Impact of Animal Ag” with Louie Psihoyos, and think about the way science understands veganism’s effects on humans with Neal Barnard’s “Health-Based Outreach.”

To broaden your philosophical approaches to veganism, don’t miss Melanie Joy’s presentation on “Carnism,” the received idea that meat-eating is the default diet. And of course, join us for foundational philosopher Peter Singer as he speaks on “Ethics.”

To spread the message, learn to use “Documentaries for Outreach” with Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, sharpen “Citizen Advocacy” with Jennifer Fearing, and explore “Social Media Activism” with John Oberg. Then, join the Mother of Animal Law, Joyce Tischler, for her presentation on “Animal Law.”

And finally, on Sunday, don’t miss the closing conversation with Animal Place’s own co-Founder and Executive Director, Kim Sturla, as she discusses “Sanctuaries as Changemakers,” and discusses the future of the movement with our hosts: Jane Velez-Mitchell, Jasmin Singer, Ron Gandiza, and Genesis Butler.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to hear from so many powerful voices in farmed animal advocacy under one (virtual) roof, and we can’t wait to share their insights with you. Check the daily schedule to see what wisdom is being shared today. If you haven’t already registered, hurry here to have daily access to the recordings, and here to ensure that you can return again and again to the cause that will draw us together even in this time of social distancing.

With compassion,
Kim Sturla
Executive Director
Animal Place



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  1. HDBD says:

    Animal rights are necessity and it is a positive demand from majority of the human beings.
    Thanks for the activists to continue the movement during this pandemic timing as well.
    Let’s hope for the best.