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Sample Letter- Wild Cow Milking Cruelty

Please note: Commenting on this post does not constitute sending in a letter. Please send letters to the contact address listed below, at the top of the letter. Please remember to keep comments polite, considerate and educational. Do not make personal attacks or use profanity. Thank you for your support! Learn more about this cruel […]

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How “Market Animal Projects” Harm Both Animals and Children

It is a warm summer day at the fairgrounds. The scents of funnel cake and kettle corn combined with the unmistakable “barnyard” smell combine to create an oddly nostalgic atmosphere. Joyful screams and cheers can be heard from ferris wheels and roller coasters in the distance.   A little girl, blonde and covered with freckles, […]

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Honey, Babe and the Beauty of Motherhood

As Mother’s Day approaches, animal protection organizations often begin to use the holiday to educate the public about the sad fate of many animal mothers in the meat and dairy industries.  Animals exploited for their motherhood are victims whose stories deserve to be told. But this week, we are taking a different approach. We want […]

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