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Baby Goat Bella Bounces Into Our Hearts (Video)

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26057764471_019c0e9a03_k¬†Bella is only a little under a month old and, in that time, has bounced securely into our hearts. Her mother, (vegan) Butterscotch, was found loose and taken to flock partner Napa County Animal Services’ shelter. We can only guess she escaped from a dairy farm. . . sadly, her horns were terribly chopped off, leaving her with a set of half-mangled horns. She is so sweet, we cannot fathom why someone would inflict such harm on her.

When Butterscotch arrived to our adoption center, Rescue Ranch, she was underweight. The vet estimated her age at a year, a baby herself. Nothing indicated Butterscotch was two months pregnant!

Imagine Rescue Ranch manager, Jan Galeazzi’s, surprise when she walked into the barn one morning and found Butterscotch in labor. Within minutes, Bella entered the world.

Like Rita, the pregnant pig who jumped from a truck, Butterscotch will raise her baby. This is a rarity for farmed animals. Most babies are taken from their mothers within hours or weeks of birth. For goats on large commercial dairies, males are removed at birth, and females soon after.

Enjoy the video and welcome bouncing baby Bella to Animal Place’s main sanctuary where she, her mom Butterscotch, and uncles Bob, Lucas, and Gemini will live out their days.

A special thank you to our Rescue Ranch crew, Jan, Alicia, Darren, Blake, and Rocky, for providing loving, compassionate care to all five new residents, and especially for making sure Bella thrived during her first three weeks of life.

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Video by Michelle Taylor Cehn/World of Vegan

3 Responses so far.

  1. Karen Paulsojn says:

    I loved the ‘film’ about baby goat Bella, & love what you all are doing – I cannot imagine anything in the world more wonderful than watching baby animals living the life that they should all be living . . .God bless you all for what you do – and yes, I send a donation periodically as I can afford it!

  2. Sandra Andersen says:

    A very touching video. I had no idea that’s what happens to the goats. It makes me to not want to eat goat cheese.

  3. RMAU says:

    Sometimes the mother is so into cleaning the baby, she won’t stand still to let the baby nurse. In this case, hold the baby so his butt is where the mom can reach, but hold her collar so she can’t turn around completely. Now hold the baby to help him nurse.