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August 1-31, 2019

Animal Place’s Vegan Burger Battle is a fun, friendly ‘challenge’ among participating chefs in Nevada County to create delicious, savory vegan burgers for diners to enjoy! This event benefits the rescued animals at Animal Place! The Burger Battle was created to encourage restaurants to offer a healthier, more compassionate food choice for community members and in turn, give customers one more reason to frequent and support the restaurants in Grass Valley and Nevada City. Featured vegan burgers will be offered by each participating restaurant throughout the month of August 2019.

Chef’s, please visit Chef Central, where you can sign-up and make your participation donation.



Diners, thank you so much for participating in Animal Place’s Vegan Burger Battle! Please VOTE every time you enjoy a burger, not just for your favorite burger.



Wondering where to find these delicious vegan burgers? Get all the details here!



Try a burger from nine different restaurants and win a special prize from Animal Place! All you have to do is fill out this Vegan Burger Battle Stamp Card. Check out the details.



Treats Ice Cream in Nevada City

Ol’ Republic Brewery