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COVID-19 Emergency Sanctuary Grant

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General Information
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Name of Organization:*
Organization Address:*
Organization website*
Federal EIN #*
Sanctuary Information
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What year did your non-profit incorporate?*
Do you own the land your sanctuary is on?*
Number of sanctuary acres: *
Number of animals by species*
First/Last names of all board members*
The following is true for my organization (check all that apply):*
The following is true for my organization*
Financial Information
2019 Expenses (Jan 1 - Dec 31)*
2019 Income (Jan 1 - Dec 31)*
Balance of savings/investment as of April 20, 2020:*
2020 Income (Jan 1 - April 20)*
2020 Expenses (Jan 1 - April 20)*
What are three actions you are taking to be more financially secure?*
Grant Use
Amount you are requesting *
If approved, how will you use these funds. Please be as detailed as possible.*
REQUIRED Upload most recent Form 990 or 990-N (max file size of 4MB). Trouble submitting? Email to marji@animalplace.org as a pdf.
Will you be able to provide a report within 3 months of fund disbursement?*
I understand this is only for animal care uses (feed, bedding, salaries, medications, veterinary care)*
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