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Donate – Animal Place’s Wishlist

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Donate - WishlistSee if you have what we need. Your donations are tax-deductible, and you are helping us make the world a better place for farmed animals. When we achieve a victory because you helped us, we’ll share that news as well. Thank you for helping us through in-kind donations!

Check out our wish list on Amazon.

Advocacy/Outreach Needs

Adobe Photoshop CS6available on our wishlist

Why it is needed: Creating beautiful photographs, posters, infographs, web pages, and designs is integral to advocating on behalf of farmed animals. We live in a visual world where many of our emotional (and sometimes rational) decisions are made based on what we see. Help us show the world how incredible farmed animals are with an updated graphic design program. Right now, our poor education manager is using an 8-yr-old version of a photo-editing software…she’d love to create more powerful imagery with an updated tool!

Apple iPad (or equivalent)

Why it is needed: When we rush out for emergency rescues, we need the equipment necessary to bring the news to you as soon as possible. An iPad (or equivalent) allows to access the internet, post emerging photos and video of rescues, keep the media informed and, more importantly, give you access to any important news as it happens.

GoPro HD Cameraavailable on our wishlist

Why it is needed: Our staff smartphones are great tools, but we really need a dedicated Animal Place video camera that can capture rescues, share the stories of the rescued animals, and offer more versatility and ability than a smartphone.

Animal Care Needs

16′ Bumper-Pull Featherlite Stock trailer

Why is it needed: We use an ancient (though functional), rusting, small stock trailer to transport animals to the veterinary hospital and rescue animals from cruelty. We need a larger trailer to safely transport our cows. A longer trailer will also permit us to save the lives of more animals.

Internship Needs

Ikea Bed Frame

Why it is needed: So our interns don’t have to sleep on the cold, hard floor! Just kidding, but we do need another bed frame so that we can have more interns!

Ikea Mattress & Ikea Mattress Pad

Why it is needed: To go with the bed frame!

Ikea Bed Base

Why it is needed: So the intern who sleeps on the mattress, in the bed frame, does not fall to the floor!

Linens – no down/feathers or wool, please

  • Comforters – any size, Twin size sheets – It snows here, ’nuff said!
  • Four pillows – Heads need cushioning so they can be on the top of their game when caring for the animals.
  • Bath Towels – Interns gotta stay clean so they can get dirty on behalf of the animals.
  • Hand Towels – Clean hands, clean soul.
  • Wash Rags – For washing.
  • CurtainsEmail Molly for specific dimensions.

Kitchen Ware – gently used preferred (links to suggestions included)

  • Casserole Dishes – Vegan food needs safe keeping
  • Cookie Sheets – Saving the world with vegan cookies can only occur with cookie sheets
  • Crock Pot/Slow Cooker – Winter is fast-approaching, interns need hardy meals to survive the snow
  • Steamer – Steamed broccoli is happy broccoli
  • Coffee maker – coffee maker broken, Lord of the Flies may be re-enacted, send replacement.
  • Serving Utensils
  • Large and small plates

Gift Cards – Want us to figure out what we need? Gift card us!

Furniture – Gently used preferred (links to suggestions included)

Yard Equipment – Good land management is good. With 15-acres to maintain, interns help keep the land debris free, safe for wildlife, and protected from fires.

  • Rakes
  • Push Lawn Mower
  • Small Weed Eater

Enrichment – Keeping our interns entertained! Donations preferred.

  • Books – Vegan Cookbooks, Animal Rights/Welfare related books
  • DVDs – For passing the time when not cleaning barns and researching reports.
  • Board Games – For when the DVD player breaks (kidding, board games are great).