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Fresh Spring Sando

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Fresh Spring Sando

It’s warming up out here in California, and we decided to celebrate with a fresh sandwich just for spring. We were looking for bright flavors and a satisfying meal. Enter the Fresh Spring Sando. It fills your belly without weighing you down and the flavors perk you right up during that midday lull!

Recipe by Virginia Shedd (inspired by spring and by Brent Ratkovich’s sando)
Feeds 1 (it’s just a sandwich)

1 brick firm or extra firm tofu, pressed
1/2 to 1 tsp dried thyme
1/2 to 1 tsp dried rosemary
Dash freshly ground pepper
Juice of 1 lemon (or a couple Tbsp lemon juice)
1/2 ripe avocado, sliced
4-5 thin slices cucumber
1 or 2 slices onion (your favorite kind)
Few leaves fresh mint
2 pieces of your fave bread


Preparing the Tofu
1. Cut the brick of tofu in half, then press the halves for at least a half hour. (You can skip this step, but the tofu will soak up more flavor if you press it.) We press our tofu by simply wrapping it in paper towel or a kitchen towel, placing it on a cutting board, then putting another cutting board or baking sheet on top. Then we add weight (use a heavy pan (cast iron is awesome) or several cans of beans or veggies) and go watch some TV or read.
2. After the tofu is pressed, cut each of those halves into 3 or 4 planks, put them in a bowl or large, sealable plastic bag, then add the thyme, rosemary, pepper, and lemon juice. Coat tofu in your “marinade,” then cover the bowl or seal the bag and let rest at least 2 hours (we did ours overnight). 29b05c5f-a150-41eb-a0b9-e78d4c9bb2e5

Making Your Sando
1. If you’d like, lightly pan-fry the tofu in a sautée pan or lightly grill. It’s just as good refrigerated or room temperature.
2. Layer marinated tofu planks, onion, cucumber, avocado, mint leaves on your bread.
3. No number 3. You’re done. (Maybe eat the rest of that avocado or some veggies with your sando.)


Note: Try adding hummus, dijon or stone-ground mustard, sprouts, shredded carrots, whatever makes you happy!