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From Interns to Campaigners

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Former Interns Roxy Kushner and Crystal Kozlak Tell us How They Got Started Advocating for Chickens

Roxy Kushner

I started my life as an activist three years ago. It was then I completed an animal care internship at Animal Place. Working closely with the animals every day and assisting with the rescue of several thousand hens from an egg farm made me realize I wanted to do more than be vegan. I had to be active. When I returned to UC Santa Cruz in the fall, I introduced new outreach ideas to the student animal rights club and helped grow the club from 5 to 20 members. It was then I realized that doing outreach for the animals is when I feel most passionate, focused, and driven. After graduating, I knew I had to continue putting my passion into action. I was lucky to find the Northern California Brave the Cage Coordinator position available at Animal Place. Now I do my dream job every day—traveling, educating the public about what happens to chickens on egg farms, and inspiring real change for the animals who share this planet with us!

Crystal Kozlak
I did an advocacy internship at Animal Place in 2015. The experience launched me into animal rights outreach, which I continue to do as my career today. During my internship, I expanded my knowledge of issues in animal agriculture and learned to use this information to educate the public in various ways, including tabling, social media, lobbying for bills, article writing, and sanctuary tours. I applied these skills to my own vegan activism after I concluded my internship. Once I graduated, I applied and was accepted as Animal Place’s Southern California Brave the Cage Coordinator. Touring college campuses, I encourage students to step inside a human-sized battery cage, which is an incredible way to give them a new perspective on eggs. My job is fantastic because I get to have face-to-face interactions and often see immediate change in the lives of hens when participants decide to go egg-free. Not only do I travel and work with vegan student groups, I work with the amazing staff at the best sanctuary ever,  Animal Place!


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