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Give mom the gift of compassion she deserves

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Who better to symbolize the strength, determination, and bravery of motherhood than Rita the pig? In 2015, she leapt from a transport truck barreling down a highway in downtown Sacramento. Witnesses called animal control, who rounded up the pig.

A few days later, she gave birth to 14 piglets at the shelter and 9 survived. What a brave leap of faith that saved so many lives! We welcomed Rita and her piglets to our sanctuary.

Spencer, Brian, Katherine, Myrna, Hedy, and Rock turned 1-year-old last October, while Rita celebrated her 5th birthday. (Because of space issues, once they were weaned, 3 piglets went to another sanctuary.)

Is there a mother figure in your life who is like Rita? Compassionate, strong, brave, fierce, loyal? Someone who you rely on, who you can call in a pinch for advice, support, or a kind ear?

For Mother’s Day, give that “mom” in your life a sponsorship of Rita and her babies!

Your $25 donation feeds the piglets and Rita for a week. You will receive a foster parent certificate with photos of Rita and her babies, her story, and a gift card.

Donate $100 or more and gift your mom a sponsorship of Rita plus a beautiful metal print of Rita nursing her babies. Rita’s story of bravery can live on in your home!

All donations are deeply appreciated!

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  1. Deborah Reek says:

    Animal Place … almost my home, too. My meager donations don’t come close to how dearly you all mean to me!