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Internship Fellowship

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The Animal Place Intern Fellowship is a special project-based internship open to past Animal Place interns who have completed an internship in animal care, advocacy, or at our Rescue Ranch facility.

The Fellowship is a unique opportunity to expand upon your prior internship. Each intern focuses on one or more projects that benefits farmed animals and Animal Place in some fashion. While Animal Place provides project opportunities, we encourage applicants to submit your own projects. One project submission is required but up to three may be submitted.

The same General Requirements for a general internship apply to the Internship Fellowship:

  • Age Requirement: 18 and older, no exceptions.
  • Companion Animals: Not permitted. Staff dogs often at intern house.
  • Housing: On-site, provided, your own bedroom. No more than three intern fellows at a time.
  • Food: Not provided, must pay for your own.
  • Stipend: A $75/week stipend is provided during the internship.
  • Transportation: Pick-up and drop-off to the Sacramento International Airport or the Amtrak Auburn train station provided for your arrival on the first of the month and departure. You are welcome to bring your own vehicle. Please note: The sanctuary is located 6.5 miles from the nearest town of Grass Valley, 30 miles from Auburn, and 60 miles from Sacramento. The sanctuary is in a rural area. Once a week trips to the grocery store/town are provided by Animal Place staff.
  • Medical Insurance: You must provide your own health insurance coverage. Proof required prior to start of internship.
  • Refundable Deposit: To secure your spot, you must provide a $150 refundable deposit. If this is a financial burden, ask about our deposit scale.
  • Internship Length: The fellowship lasts 2-3 months but is only offered once a year.
  • Capabilities: Applicants should be able to meet the requirements outlined in the Essential Capabilities Document.

Project Examples (highly simplified):

Museum of Animal Farming: Finalizing the internal exhibits to educate visitors in a sensory experience about the horrors of animal farming. Curating exhibits, artifacts, and audio-visual displays and engagement.

Intern Enrichment: Oversee and plan the weekly enrichment schedule for interns enrolled in our regular internship program.

Adoption Outreach Development: Assist in the improvement of educational outreach to current and prospective adopters in the form of audio-visual engagement.


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