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National Volunteer Week

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Whether it’s barn cleaning, animal socializing, giving tours, or helping out at events, we depend on our volunteers to keep everything running smoothly. We are so thankful to all the individuals who give their time to Animal Place, and our animal residents. In honor of National Volunteer Week, we’re highlighting 1-2 Animal Place volunteers each day this week. Below are just a few incredible people who volunteer with Animal Place regularly.

After years of volunteering, Susan has recently started giving guided tours. Susan tells us why she has volunteered with Animal Place for so many years.

Cheryl Pirtle has been volunteering with Animal Place since 2011. Cheryl loves watching the cows play. She says, “Being around the farmed animals and staff at Animal Place helps provide perspective. There is goodness. There is compassion, and we can help contribute to a better world through our volunteer work. Many small acts of kindness add up to make a difference.”

Jodi has been volunteering with us for almost 5 years! Here, she tells us why she has given so much of her time to Animal Place.

Debbie Malenke has been volunteering with Animal Place since 2017 but it feels like we’ve known her forever.  Debbie Says,“My favorite thing about volunteering is how peaceful I feel the moment I’m on the property and with the animals. I am always in awe and they never fail to make me smile and laugh out loud!”

Sabrina tells us about how bonding with one animal resident, led her to growing relationships with many others!

Alida has been volunteering with Animal Place since 2013. We’re always grateful to have her come all the way down from Truckee to help out. Alida says, “I only knew the love and affection I shared with dogs and cats, but now have the wonderful experience of that love and affection with farmed animals, and see them all as unique beings with individual personalities and needs.”

Brenda tells us a little about why she volunteers with us!

Susan McCracken has been volunteering with Animal Place since 2011 and she’s an expert level socializer.  Susan says, “Being with the animals brings me such peace and joy. It is definitely my favorite part of volunteering.”