Pregnant and Left for Dead (VIDEO)

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4/10/2015 – **Update!

Verna is doing well! She has been integrated with the goat herd. The other goats love her, especially Mr. G! Her incision site is still healing.

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For 18 hours, heavily-pregnant Verna suffered. Intentionally bred at only 7-mos-old – a baby herself – Verna could not physically give birth to the large male kid inside her.

The “owners” of the goat would pay to have her shot but not to see a vet.

Neighbors called Animal Place and staff rushed to the scene, finding Verna – weighing only 30 lbs – down, her pregnant belly heaving from pain. Rushing to our veterinarian, it was determined the baby was too large and Verna would need an emergency C-section to survive.

The stench coming from inside Verna was almost unbearable, infection had set in and dead tissue was decomposing. All because someone saw Verna as ‘property’ and not someone worthy of basic veterinary care.

Verna’s kid was already dead. Both would have survived had Verna been taken to a vet sooner.

Our focus shifted to Verna and the possible damage done. Intravenous antibiotics and fluids were given. Verna had stopped eating during her painful attempt at delivery and her digestive system suffered. The first 24 hours were touch and go, with her small body going into shock fighting off infection.

Verna is on the road to recovery, and she needs your support to continue thriving.

-Marji Beach, Education Director

Please donate toward Verna’s recovery and care. The c-section itself cost $450 and Verna requires expensive antibiotics and special feeding to regain her strength and weight. A gift of $25 offsets the cost of her medically necessary surgery and pays for one antibiotic treatment.



 All gifts appreciated

See who you are helping – watch Verna’s rescue video!

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