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Urge Sacramento SPCA to take animals off the menu

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After years of adhering to a meat-free menu policy for shelter sponsored events, the Sacramento SPCA became the first shelter in the country to reverse a progressive menu policy.

Former CEO, Rick Johnson, established a formal vegetarian policy for events in response to community concerns for farmed animals. Immediately after entering the position, Mr. Johnson’s successor informed the executive committee of the board that the policy would be overturned.

Sacramento locals contacted Animal Place, concerned over the sudden change at the shelter. The policy, which had been in place for years, had been modified without input from community members. In response, Food for Thought Program Manager, Patti Nyman, reached out to the new CEO to ask him to consider returning to a more ethical policy. He declined our offer, despite the fact that the SPCA had previously endorsed the program publicly.

Putting farmed animals back on the menu at shelter functions sends a mixed message, akin to the American Lung Association putting ashtrays on the dinner table at their annual gala.

If shelter dogs were treated in the same horrific way as pigs raised for their flesh — males castrated without anesthesia, females kept in crates where they cannot turn around — shelter staff would be outraged. With this recent policy change, the SPCA may serve the flesh of pigs kept in these same conditions at their events.

Reversing their animal-friendly menu policy is out of step with the hundreds of other animal shelters that are extending their compassion to include farmed animals.

Join us and urge the Sacramento SPCA to return to its animal-friendly menu policy.


Urge Sacramento SPCA to Take Animals Off the Menu

Dear Kenn Altine,


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  1. Diane Cartwright says:

    I am a regular financial supporter of the SPCA. After reading about your disgusting slaughter of sentient beings for the consumption of those who have no choice, I will stop all further contributions to your organization.

    There are so many worthy animal protection groups who need my support and will appreciate the redirection of my substantial contributions working for the wellbeing and protection of ALL animals.

  2. Carol Edgerton says:

    Must be in it for the money because he certainly can’t be in it to prevent cruelty to animals. Step down.

  3. We know that animals raised for food will be abused and not healthy for consumption in any way. ASPCA should be responsible for the welfare of animals in every venue. So why have on the menus?

  4. Joan Roberts says:

    Animals should not be on the menu if you are a rescue group. We save and rescue them not eat them so please consider taking meat off the menu. There are so many yummy alternatives and more healthy for you. Thank you!

  5. Alfredo Kuba says:

    It is absolutely hypocritical and a betrayal of animals and animal welfare to care for one kind while betraying another. Selectively choosing which species to care for and which not to is at the heart of animal cruelty. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is not so, when it serves cruelty on its menu.

    • Clara Cracchiolo says:

      Animals shoukd not for sale and food consumption. It’s just cruel and inhumane.

    • Betsy Mattuchio says:

      And they say they care about animals.I dont think so,they should’nt be in the business.there a disgrace.

    • Tucker says:


    • Please reconsider . The animals need us.

    • Carole Olson says:

      Stop cruelty to animals, shame on you.

    • Mary Rhodes says:

      This is a horrible policy change that makes me physically sick . And of all places—California. I think you should be terminated immediately because I am afraid that this is the “tip of the iceberg”. People like you usually have “other things up their sleeves” and it is never good! I am afraid this will be a precursor of unethical and horrific things to come.
      Mary Rhodes

    • margarita clayton says:

      I am fully for Animal Place & all animal welfare organizations; I’ve been a vegan for almost 40 yr. & am in good health; I abhor agri-business where our animals are treated with ill- respect, tortured;
      that is evil & there’s no place for it in this supposedly, gentle nation.
      Go back to your original, board approved, animal free menu. Thank you, Animal Place.

    • e says:

      Ditto…Great response and Intelligent!!!!

    • Sherry Moore says:

      All things are made from the same STUFF (chemicals) – you, me, our children AND dogs, kittens, cows, pigs and chickens. Are you serving your daughter’s pet for dinner as “Kitty under glass”? Or a terrific “Puppy teriyaki”? Or – a delicious “Corn fed Human Steak”? Think about it!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ruby Coleman says:


    • Steve says:

      You are SO damn right! Congratulations for having both a brain and a Soul……that is very rare amongst humans.

  6. Candace says:

    Some things just don’t need changing. The meatless menu worked for many years. Please change it back!

    • Selma Cooper says:

      Why if you had a meatless menu would you ever even consider putting an animal back on your plates….could this be to do with the new man in the house? No matter what; I cannot support an organization which is supposed to be supporting animals at large, but which serves them for lunch! I am sure there is another organization which sticks to their credo.

  7. ANNE NOVAK says:

    Unbelievable. Are you serious? I have no words except that this change is completely ridiculous! No animals on the menu!!!!!

  8. Janet hart says:

    Not very nice to have farm animals you rescued and now your using them for food. Your not being true to yourself or your job

  9. Janice says:

    Get rid of him. Obviously he is not right for the job! Serving meat? You can’t be serious! This loser needs to lose his job! Get a vegan in there..someone who actually cares about ALL animals!! Fight for the animals! We are
    Their ONLY voice!

  10. Ron Landskroner says:

    A major and very disappointing step backwards. I would urge Kenn Altine to reconsider this puzzling decision.

  11. Norma Molina says:

    This rule was in place and now you reversed it? Do you live in the world of Alternative/Selective Facts too!! I thought the ASPCA was on the side of animals???

  12. Janet Flanagan says:

    Why would you be a CEO for this animal charity…it’s tragic what you have decided to do, obviously you’re compassion stops at the animals that can be on your dinner plate!

  13. Elettra says:

    Another big corporation in for $$$$

  14. Linda Atkins says:

    Ask the new CEO why he just does not serve shelter dogs and be fine with it.

  15. Dona LaSchiava says:

    MEAT KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Tara says:

    Please consider changing your policy

  17. Shari Riffe says:

    Please reconsider your decision. The SPCA of all places!

  18. Barbara Basch says:

    Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or any other abuse. Do the right thing. Bring back animal welfare!

  19. Stacy leopold says:

    Please reverse your policy and set an example worthy of your name. Help animals, don’t serve them on your menu!

  20. Makes no sense to pet some 4 legged animals and eat others Stop the slaughter GO VEG

  21. cynthia mann says:

    AS a vegan I can only ask others to cut animals out of their menu. The horrific cruelty involved is reason enough but you will also feel better.

  22. why would you reverse this practice, what motivated you to change course? It’s sad that you would want to promote cruelty to animals just because thug trump is in the WH – he’s a nit wit, don’t reverse your compassion towards innocent animals.

  23. Karen Copus says:

    Hypocrite…. saying they help and LOVE animals. Next it will be dog and cat on the menu

  24. Please take animals off any menus for animal related causes. It is hypocritical to do otherwise. Do the right thing.

  25. I support urging the Sacramento SPCA to return to its board-approved animal-friendly menu policy. There is no reason to change it and refuse to put it back the way it should be. This was done by one person without input from community. I don’t understand how that can happen. Put the animals first and not your quest for power.

  26. hemwatie Jaipershad says:

    Mr. Altine:

    Here is your chance to be a hero to our animals friends.
    Gee whiz, people eat meat everyday…..you now have a chance to enlighten people and demonstrate, just on those occasions of SPCA events, that we can survive, that the planet can survive even better, if we give up meat on occasions.
    You can be a leader here. I am not asking you to change your personal eating choices….but simply to help educate people and to be respectful of all animals. Thank you.

  27. Barbara Wood says:

    Like This? Share This!


    Person with cow


    After years of adhering to a board-approved and community-supported meat-free menu policy for shelter sponsored events, the Sacramento SPCA became the first shelter in the country to reverse a progressive menu policy after new CEO Kenn Altine took over.

    Putting farmed animals back on the menu at shelter functions sends a mixed message, akin to the American Lung Association putting ashtrays on the dinner table at their annual gala.

    Sacramento locals contacted Animal Place, concerned over the sudden change at the shelter. The policy, which had been in place for years, had been modified without input from community members. In response, Food for Thought Program Manager, Patti Nyman, reached out to CEO Kenn Altine to ask him to consider returning to a more ethical policy. Kenn Altine declined our offer, despite the fact that the SPCA had previously endorsed the program publicly.

    If shelter dogs were treated in the same horrific way as pigs raised for their flesh — males castrated without anesthesia, females kept in crates where they cannot turn around — Kenn Altine would be outraged. With this recent policy change, the SPCA may serve the flesh of pigs kept in these same conditions at their events.

    Reversing their board-approved menu policy is out of step with the hundreds of other animal shelters that are extending their compassion to include farmed animals.

    • Doris Buxbaum says:

      This is the wrong person to be the CEO of the SPCA, as many others have said it is totally hypocritical to have meat for these sponsored events [or any event at all]. What it will do is discourage people from donating to the SPCA, and I hope that is what will happen and then the policy will be reversed, and the proper person will be appointed. “GO VEGAN”

  28. Please keep your menu meat free.

  29. Judy Rosselli says:

    You are kidding, aren’t you?

  30. Bobbie Theodore says:

    There are so many gourmet and healthy vegan/vegetarian options, including specialty caterers for non-profit events, that there’s no reason to offer meat on a menu. Nothing is lost and you may attract more animal welfare supporters by making your menu consistent with pro-animal values.

  31. john pasqua says:

    support meat- free shelter events for shelter sponsored events

  32. Patricia Cachopo says:

    Have a Heart.

  33. Tucker says:




  34. Neila Gerald says:

    This is hypocritical and wrong. Good luck with fundraising. Individuals would have to be crazy to support anything related toThe Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

  35. Disgraceful, ridiculous, absurd! I can’t believe such an action. Destroys any credibility for the SPCA! Instead of adding meat to the menu, perhaps they should be removing CEO Kenn Altine from the organization!

  36. Audra Soulias says:

    This makes absolutely no sense and is shameful. Perhaps this “gentleman” is confused and thought he was working for the factory farming industry? Time to change jobs!

  37. Alfredo could not have stated it better! Totally in agreement with him and his views.

  38. Sara Harman says:

    Be the future and ditch animal-based meals!

  39. Animals need all the support that they can get. If people were happy with the ways things have been done in the past, why would you want to change it?

  40. Milva DeLuca says:

    Please return to the board-approved animal-friendly menu policy.

  41. Herbst Paul says:


  42. Kortney says:

    It’s hypocritical to serve meat at events meant to help and save animals. Just stop serving meat.

  43. Mamie Holst says:

    NO animals on the menu!!

  44. Laila Nabulsi says:

    This is beyond my imagination! What is wrong with these people. You cannot pick and choose who to slaughter, yet defend against cruelty at the same time. Please take all animals off your menu!

  45. Farmed animals routinely receive extremely cruel treatment… It is simply incongruous for the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to serve any or offer any flesh on its menus.

  46. Deborah C.Z. Hirsch says:

    Mr. Altine, this unjustifiable policy change is gross and embarrassing to Sacramento, especially when our city was starting to shake its reputation as a “cowtown”…

  47. Amanda Vollmer says:

    Do not be a hypocrite.

  48. Please return to your Board-approved animal-friendly menu policy.
    It’s a win-win move: a “win” for the animals, a “win” for human beings.
    Please do what clearly is ethically sensible for all concerned. Thank you, Peter Mansfield

  49. Shauna Edinger says:

    Completely disgusted that SPCA of all places would decide to serve animals for food! What a hypocrite Kenn is to do such a horrible thing! Doesnt sound like someone I would want in charge of a animal rescue type place and think steps should be taken for him to have to step down from this job because he obviously doesn’t have the same ethics as most involved with this organization!

  50. The decision to add meat to a menu for gatherings where the underlying purpose of the meeting is animal protection and welfare is a conflicting position. This is especially so when farm animals are treated with so little respect, care and compassion – whether for slaughter or other products. Please rethink this and return to a meat-free policy.

  51. Cathy Minshall says:

    This shouldn’t even be necessary…but apparently the new CEO, Kenn Altine, doesn’t understand what being a leader of an organization formed to PROTECT animals really means. It is unbelievable that anyone needs to “urge” Kenn, but since he is too thick headed to get it on his own, I respectfully demand that Kenn return to the long held policy of meat-free menus – or step down.

  52. Elsy Shallman says:

    Farm animals aren’t any different from the pets you protect and rescue. Why the double standard? Farm animals are tortured so that you can dine on them. Isn’t this hypocritical?

  53. Christina says:

    Do not go backward!!

  54. MARY ROJESKI says:


  55. tina janosa says:

    You can’t fight for a cause and involves people in it then turn around and support some completely opposite. Animal cruelty is becoming more common place than ever and the animals need a voice. Do not pretend to be that voice and then do exactly what you are supposed to be preventing

  56. Dirk Rogers says:

    It’s wondeful work you do but as we become more aware of how animals farmed for food are treated it gets clearer how all animals are mistreated.

  57. Tom Simpson says:

    All animals deserve our respect, not just dogs and cats. Please reconsider this change. Thank you.

  58. Rev Marilyn Van Veersen says:

    A vegan diet is the only cruelty free diet, and also the healthiest. Anyone who proports to stand against animal cruelty while partaking in the pain and death or other animals to serve their blood hugary diet is a hypocrit.

  59. This should be common sense. Meat does not belong on the menu!

  60. Connie Schaefer says:

    Not everyone eats meat. Give people a choice.

  61. MaryAnna Foskett says:

    Please adopt a meat-free protocol. Thank you.

  62. This is outragious!!

  63. Carolyn Long says:

    You are not preventing cruelty by treating animals as food. It’s obvious.

  64. Ally Deal says:

    SPCA stands for “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.” Does the organization strive to prevent cruelty to all animals–or only some?

  65. Jennifer Jahn says:

    Really Kenn!??!
    That’s pretty disrespectful, to come in and make a change of this magnitude. Anyone who wants to can leave the meeting/ event and eat however much steak, chicken, pork, etc as they want, but when you represent an organization, whose very foundation is based on being animal lovers, you really need to respect them. There are many dishes that can be made without meat, please, do the right thing!

  66. Celeste H. says:

    I am afraid the SPCA may lose many supporting members, it they don’t evolve and become more
    educated and compassionate towards all animal species, as the Humane Society is now trying to do, and also the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine, and even the Sierra Club, and other animal protection groups! Almost every animal protection group now sees the interconnection between every area of animal abuse, and even if they cannot actively work in every area, they atleast endorse plant-based diets, and give their supporters information about
    the whole subject…. The SPCA cannot be taken
    seriously by many of us, also considering that many
    people keep pigs, chickens, and other farmed animals
    as pets — and even if they are not pets, cruelty to
    them is still wrong, wherever they are! If the SPCA
    truly wants to be called the Society for the Prevention
    of Cruelty to Animals, they need to work for ALL
    animals, and I hope they will soon realize this crucial

  67. ronald silvers says:

    Will not support the SPCA any further until you change your policy.

  68. Kathy Turner says:

    Please return to your return to board-approved animal-friendly menu policy.

  69. Brenda Pane says:

    I find it very confusing and disappointing when people who say they love animals turn around and eat animals who lived a miserable life and died for them. Please extend your circle of compassion to include all animals, not just dogs and cats.

  70. elaina garone says:

    yet another blow for animals. taking advantage of the vulnerable seems to be the policy in this horrible political atmosphere that is so far reaching that shelter animals will feel the reverberation. shameful

  71. Jane Hoffman says:

    I just refused to volunteer at an event for a rescue group that I donate to because they are serving meat at their fundraiser. Why would you serve one animal to save another one? Yes, a lot of dog and cat lovers don’t mind eating meat of other animals, but as a rescue group, you should be setting the right example. By the way, you would also be helping to save the planet. Thank you.

  72. Maryanne lowman says:

    Please take a moment and consider the hypocrisy of your decision . If you are truly someone who cares about animals, you will reconsider and change the policy. Thank you.

  73. Kurt Phillips says:

    Please take farm animals off the menu at your events. It’s petty to single-handedly and without local public support to change established policy and tradition. What is also concerning is the fact that this would be out of step with every other animal shelter in the country, even with the SPCA’s stated policy.

  74. Marjorie Anne Luthy says:

    I urge the Sacramento SPCA to return to its board-approved animal-friendly menu policy.

    Changing your board-approved animal-friendly menu policy sends a negative message and a double standard that farm animals should not be treated with the same compassion as other shelter animals.

  75. How is it even a thought to be serving up animal on the menu when that is what you are saving. Doesn’t even make sense. Are you going to be serving up one of the animals you are saving?

  76. Julie D. Pickett says:

    How can an organization that is supposed to be helping animals, be eating them?
    Please change this policy. It is a contradiction of everything that you are supposed to stand for.
    Thank you.

  77. Carol Morgan says:

    I have heard that SPCA doesn’t really help animals, they help themselves. So this doesn’t really surprise me. It is a shame.

  78. Nancy C says:

    Animals deserve equal treatment. Please reverse your policy-it is the ethical response.

  79. I abhor The inhumana treatment of aún
    Living creature. Ir is nothing better than torture.

  80. Diane Williams says:

    Why when you were doing the right thing, change it and do the wrong thing? It makes no sense to move backwards when it comes to the health and safety of farm animals, who after all, don’t have any say in what impacts their lives.

    Shame on you.

  81. Deborah Coviello says:

    Why love one and harm another?

  82. Tara says:

    Totally hypocritical! Get animals that are supposed to be protected off the menu!

  83. Susan says:

    So much research has been done to understand the thinking and feeling process of animals. It cannot be denied that they do think and feel. The fact that it is not at the same level as humans should not be an excuse to ignore this. Be humane and do the humane thing.

  84. Jo Marshall says:

    We care about the planet, we care about our health and we care about the animals that the industrial livestock cruelly mistreats to make them our food.
    That is why we are demanding food according to our ecological and human values.

  85. Laura Blanchette says:

    It honestly doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.
    You are working to save innocent animals, by torturing and killing innocent animals????

  86. Nothing about the SPCA shocks me, the ones in NY do absolutely nothing to protect abused domestic dogs and cats. They are a well paid staff, receive thousands in donations because people believe it’s a worthy cause helping those who cannot speak for themselves. Every case brought to their attention, owners (abusers) do not receive fines, they are told to clean up and to expect another visit. They witness first hand the dogs suffering from malnutrition, chained unprotected, they experience hoarding situations, they have even recently seen a dead dog lying on the ground and with starving dogs around and the owner cooking herself hamburgers outside. New Yorkers protest against the SPCA demanding resignations because they do nothing and that’s what you need, protesters until the proper individuals are staffed and care about and fight against animal abuse. Animals in factory farming are tortured, beaten daily live in horrible conditions, workers get enjoyment beating and torturing, that’s why I’m a vegetarian.

  87. Please take animals off the menu!

  88. John Teevan says:

    Where is the link to the petition? Am I missing something?

    • Animal Place says:

      The petition crashed our site, so we had to upgrade our servers. It takes 24-48 hours for this to occur and when that is finalized, we will re-add the petition and let everyone know!

  89. Jan Gates says:

    I don’t understand why you would alienate some supporters over one meal. ONE MEAL.

  90. Jean Morningstar says:

    Please reverse your decision about farm animals. It is not worthy of your organization.

  91. Bettycom haase says:

    Animals should be allowed to live in their natural habitat and enjoy their lives without fear and intervertion from cruel humans. They are not ours to eat

  92. Silvia Rennie says:

    How can you possibly look after some animals and then eat others???
    Shame on you!

  93. Michelle Blackley says:

    Farm animals are still animals and deserve to be treated humanely and fairly. Completely hypocritical of you to turn you backs on these animals!

  94. Farm animals deserve to be treated humanely. Provide care for any type of animal.

  95. Jim Haley says:

    Do the humane thing and keep our farm animals off the menu

  96. Silvia Rennie says:

    How can you look after some animals and eat others?

  97. P. Moorthy says:

    Please reinstate your meat-free menu policy for shelter sponsored events. A life is a life is a life, whether it is a human, dog, cat, chicken, fish or cow. Each life is important to the animal that it belongs to. No animal wants to die. And no animal wants to die to be on your dinner plate. Animals slaughtered for food undergo incredible emotional and physical pain and torture and they are terrified during their final moments. Please do the humane and right thing by reinstating your meat-free policy.

  98. Jim Haley says:

    Do the humane thing and keep our farm animals off the menu.

  99. Silvia Rennie says:

    How do you justify looking after some animals and eating other ones?

  100. Wendy Fairbanks says:

    All animals deserve compassion.

  101. Let the poor animals have the same free life that you have, free to roam and being happy and healthy!!

  102. Jan Kennedy says:

    Do not torture and kill the farm animals!

  103. Kay Randall says:

    I would hope that you would return to your old policy with regard to your menu. It is such a shame to move backward after making such a progressive move. Be a beacon in the night that protects all animals not just furry pets.

  104. Y.D. Jordan says:


    • Graciela Huth says:

      I agree, the are hypocrites and I plan to stop my monthly contribution. They seem to have change their objectives so I choose not to support them any longer. They chose what I do not like.

  105. Stacey Ann says:

    How could you turn your back on animals in need? You were setting such a great and admirable example by setting high values of compassion and empathy which reflect that there is no difference between animals and that they all have the ability to feel pain and suffer equally. The SPCA means Society for the Prevention of Cruelty, does it not? Then, how can you serve animals as “food” items and to raise funds for your programs if doing so supports an industry which subjects animals to pain and suffering; ultimately animal cruelty in which your organization takes a stand against – supposedly? Please take a moment to visit http://carnism.org, http://humanemyth.org and humanefacts.org to learn more about why you should reinstate your values of compassion and empathy to include all animals in need. Thank you for your time.

  106. Ronnie Gersten says:

    Please return to the animal friendly menu.

  107. Stacey Ann says:

    How could you turn your back on animals in need? You were setting such a great and admirable example by setting high values of compassion and empathy which reflect that there is no difference between animals and that they all have the ability to feel pain and suffer equally. The SPCA means Society for the Prevention of Cruelty, does it not? Then, how can you serve animals as “food” items and to raise funds for your programs if doing so supports an industry which subjects animals to pain and suffering; ultimately animal cruelty in which your organization takes a stand against – supposedly? Please take a moment to visit http://carnism.org, http://humanemyth.org and http://humanefacts.org to learn more about why you should reinstate your values of compassion and empathy to include all animals in need. Thank you for your time.

  108. Jim Kilby says:

    It’s sacrilegious! Not only does a meat free menu save animals, it also helps save the planet.

  109. Sergio F Chacon says:

    There is no need to obtain our food from these animals. We would do far better if we did not eat them. Stop the killing of farm animals!

  110. SPCA I’m so disappointed in you If you don’t change I will no longer support you. Change this rule NOW.

  111. Mary shabbott says:

    Hypocritical and wrong.

  112. Diane Arndt says:

    A true animal guardian would never choose to put an animal on their menu. Just a terrible decision.

  113. Please leave farm animals off the plates. Every living being should be treated with the same respect. It’s time to stop seeing animals as animals but rather as living soul’s who want the same thing every living being wants; to be warm, and safe, and with one’s family, and to feel love, and to live. Choosing one living being over another is unethical! All living beings should be protected. I want to live in a world where every soul is of the same value and all lives are protected equally!

  114. Heidi Bloomer says:

    Please keep your menu animal friendly

  115. Ruth Tekell says:

    Make them watch Earthlings!

  116. Kate Loethen says:

    Return to a cruelty free menu.

  117. Terrie Phenicie says:

    Vegan is the way to go, for the health of people and the planet.

  118. Viola J Hernandez says:

    Please protect animals!

  119. Lauren Fitzgerald says:

    As a child I had a pet pig. Pigs are smart and loving animals, similar to dogs in that way. I also have the privilege of caring for two rescue cows. RESPECT THE LIFE OF ALL ANIMALS!

  120. Craig Parker says:

    Really? Stop being a hypocrite.

  121. Janet Furman says:

    Please reconsider & think about the message you are sending.

  122. Rae Sikora says:

    Care about all species, not just some…get consistent

  123. Amy Pawlukiewicz says:

    It is absolutely a betrayal to ALL animals to care for one kind while betraying another. Selectively choosing which species to care for and which to shun is at the heart of animal cruelty. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals should live up to its name and protect all species.

  124. Rae sikora says:

    Care for all animals not just some……get consistent…

  125. Gerald Mann says:

    I do eat meat , it was the way we were brought up in my generation , but should it not be on the menu anymore I could live with out it and probably be more healthy !

  126. Della says:

    Please adhere to a humane food policy .. don’t be a hypocrite. Farm animals are no different than companion animals they feel, suffer and love.

  127. Malisa Freeland says:


  128. Coleen Kane says:

    Its just plain wrong and hypocritical to say the least. They should be ashamed.

  129. Tamar Rein says:

    Stop exploiting animals! Eat plants! Better for your health and the health of our entire biosphere.

  130. Marie Lenahan says:

    Please help all animals.

  131. Andrea Peiffer says:

    I agree with the other comments- farm animals are no different than other animals. All should be protected and cared for.

  132. We’re fighting dogs being eaten in Asia, and at SPCA fuctions, youll be eating other animals. You have a chance to introduce vegan dishes which can open discussions. Think about the similarity.

  133. Susie says:

    Yet another dominant hateful male in politics. We have to get rid of these thugs, especially the ones who HATE animals, and maybe women.

  134. stop serving animals please. No place for them on your menu. stop now.

  135. Denise Goodman says:

    When I made my end of year donations in 2016, I looked to support shelters whose food policies were consistent with their missions of helping all animals. It saddens me deeply to learn you have turned back time. Why pet one and eat the other?

  136. nancy perkins says:

    It’s time for Kenn Altine to go and for the shelter to find a director who actually likes and protects ALL animals.
    There’s no excuse for an SPCA to be cruel to farm animals. Bad policy!

  137. Christine Boysen says:

    It is both contradictory and inappropriate for the SPCA, with all that the institution represents, i.e. protection from abuse and neglect, to except farm animals as if the cruel practices their industries mete out on them are acceptable. Please reconsider your position.

  138. Vicki Wiley says:

    Unethical and should not be allowed. Practice compassion for ALL animals!

  139. Cathy Cook says:

    This is outrageous and disgusting! Why is Kenn Altine even involved with the SPCA? He’s doing real damage to this organization, and from now on, I’m going to send my donations elsewhere.

  140. Lisa sherman says:

    Why regress in terms of supporting animal cruelty? Small sacrifice to not eat meat .

  141. Anne Fragasso says:

    A small gesture, but a big statement, on behalf of animals. Please reconsider your decision.

  142. Come on. I was very surprised to hear you put animals on your menu. Very disappointing. Take ALL animals off the menu. Don send mixed signals. Very bad.

  143. Jordy Mark says:

    This is simply bad policy. There is no good reason to add cruelty to your menu.

  144. Liz Garratt says:

    How can you truly love and have empathy for all animals if you refuse to enforce a meat-free menu policy for shelter sponsored events?

  145. Please stop the abuse and torture of cows, they are peaceful and amazing animals. They are smart, have emotions and feel pain like humans. Please leave animals alone! Stop torturing and killing them.

  146. Sylvia Gomez says:

    Farm animals aren’t any different from the pets you protect and rescue. Why the double standard? Farm animals are tortured so that you can dine on them. Isn’t this hypocritical?

  147. Sally Klinke says:

    If slaughterhouses had windows we’d all be vegetarians”.

  148. What a shame the new CEO of SPCA of Sacramento has to make a change that is detrimental to animals. How cool was it that this shelter only held meat-free events. If Mr. Altine cannot see the value in a simple gesture as meat free meals, he SHOULD STEP DOWN.

  149. Please reconsider your decisions for meal selection and not eat animals. Thank you

  150. Philip Culp says:

    Farm animals aren’t any different from the pets you protect and rescue. Why the double standard? Farm animals are tortured so that you can dine on them. Isn’t this hypocritical?

  151. Jodi says:

    Where is the petition? I want to sign but cannot find it!

    And I am appalled. In California?!?! The last state I’d expect this to happen. Shameful.

  152. Alan says:

    One does NOT need to be a vegetarian to decry cruelty to animals. On the other hand, if one wants to avoid cruelty, the answer is to kill them painlessly, and to house them comfortably, neither of which is common.

  153. Carolyn Camden says:

    Sacramento SPCA:
    How can we make living conditions for farm animals any better, if you condone eating them???
    CEO Kenn Altine, how did you acquire this position at the SPCA????
    You should be ON the side of animals, NOT eating them.

  154. Tracy Ouellette says:

    Nothing would be a more consistent message of kind and humane values than to serve vegetarian food at your events, spreading the idea of healthy and humane eating, leading by example!

  155. Mark Coates says:

    Where’s your humanity?

  156. Alycen says:

    Gotta walk the walk to talk the talk. Have some respect and dignity. No one is going to take you or the cause seriously if you act hypocritically. Take a stand.

  157. Patty Gosdin says:

    We need to stop the inhuman killing of farm animals. Please help!
    Patty Gosdin

  158. Amy says:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t find the petition! Clicking on the link in the email didn’t lead me to it.

  159. I can see a new business, “Eating Animals at the Place.”
    There won’t be as much donations!

  160. Irni says:

    Where is the petition?

  161. Sarah Rose says:

    All animals must be protected equally. You cannot pick and choose which animals to protect and which animals you would not protect. This is not being consistent. I donate to the SPCA and it bothers me to think they have preference over which animals get protected. Farm animals need protection in the same way as dogs and cats. Factory farming is brutal, barbaric and inhumane. It is incumbent upon the SPCA to make sure all animals get humanely treated regardless of the fact that some are in the food chain. Just because they are in the food chain does not mean that they should be mistreated. As an animal organization your menus should be free of meat. Stop the double standard and return to animal friendly menus.

  162. Margaret Maxwell says:

    where is the petition? This is messed up. How can I sign it? If I could sign it, I certainly would.

  163. SUSAN HIGGINS says:

    Is there a petition to sign?

  164. C. Gibson says:

    Wow – I’m at a loss for words that an organization that I respected has apparently turned it’s back on the most abused , mistreated animals in the world. Why not serve a vegan dinner? It’s very hypocritical not to. Please think about the message you’re portraying ! It’s like your saying that factory farming is acceptable? Just doesn’t make any sense.

  165. Theo Seavert says:

    All Animals deserve love, respect and have the exact same right to existence. It’s tremendously hypocritical to shelter and love animals with one hand and cause the slaughter of equally sentient beings with the other.

  166. Rosy Morales says:

    Farm animals are no different from household pets in that they, too, possess the ability to love, show affection, fear and feel pain. All animals deserve protection.

  167. DiAnne Gabris says:

    Where is the petition, can’t sign it if is no where to be found…

  168. Cynthia says:

    I’ve been a longtime supporter and volunteer of the SSPCA. I can’t believe they’ve done this. Where is the petition to sign? I couldn’t find it.

  169. Elaine Benedict says:

    Can’t find the petition. I’d like to sign it.

  170. Karen says:

    I don’t see anything to sign to request Sacramento SPCA to go back to their previous menu. Where can we find it to sign?

  171. Sandra Hull says:

    How does it make any sense at all to go ‘backwards’, rather than continuing to move forward? This is a ridiculous and pointless action. I hope CA residents are outraged.

  172. Luann says:

    By choosing to put farmed animals on the dinner plate the new CEO’s appears to reveal his deeper lack of compassion for all animals. How in the heck did he get nominated?

  173. Liz Zalusky says:

    Where is the petition?

  174. Claudia oberti says:

    It doesn’t make any sense! What’s going on??

  175. Gabriela says:

    Please reconsider.

  176. Paloma Miller says:

    I find your reversal to be hypocritical and shameful.

  177. Lacey says:

    Who is this selfish, spineless unethical hypocrite Kenn Altine?
    Inexcusable and shameful!

    I couldn’t find the petition either. I would like to sign.

  178. Bill Beck says:

    Cut the BS Kenn and return to the original menu.

  179. Thank you for hearing our plea to keep farm animals as a part of all of our efforts to end animal abuse. These wonderful farm animals are as smart and compassionate as your dog or cat.

  180. I recently became a vegetarian because I can’t stand the fact that animals were being beaten and abused. It’s a disgusting fact and we need people to stand up for what is right. Please, take them off the menu!!

  181. Very sad. Continued animal abuse has no place in the 21st century.

  182. I refer to people as Homo sapiens never human beings, this is what we have become a world of so many homo sapiens and so few Human Beings. Human beings first and foremost care for the health of our Spaceship Earth, our only Home. This means protecting all of the innocent animals that sustain this Earth. Homo sapiens are leeches and of no value to Earth.

  183. Ramiz Layaud-Boulat says:


  184. There are so many animal rights organizations that respect all animals it is disgusting that the SPCA has overturned their compassionate stance and I certainly will not be donating to them again.
    Being the first in this instance is not a good thing and will only hurt the SPCA in the long run. Time to reconsider this action.

  185. Janet Mertz says:

    Reverse this policy now

  186. Deborah Brooks says:

    Please don’t be hypocritical — all animals deserve kindness.

  187. Kathrynbeth says:

    Where is the link to the petition? I can’t find it. And yes, it is hypocritical!

  188. Maria Nasif says:

    Pure hypocrisy. Someone is lacking in the logic department.

  189. Patti Pimento says:

    It seems your “animal rescue ” organization is in Direct Conflict with your “menus.”
    In Today’s World (operating in 5th Dimensional frequencies…unconditional love,) there is really only ONE ETHICAL CHOICE for a food menu at an animal “rescue” organization…and THAT CHOICE is a PLANT BASED MENU.
    I Lovingly Request that you make the “ethical” choice, to return to a Plant Based Menu.
    Thank you for actually taking this step to demonstrate that you actually “CARE” for The WELFARE of Animals.

  190. Chris Dawson says:

    Stay true to and for all.


  192. Cindy says:

    Yes, where is the petition?

    And yes, it’s idiotic for an animal rescue group to serve meat.

  193. MARE REASONS says:

    What the heck, to promote compassion, you must LIVE it, your actions are awful, and you need to be called out on it. I will not adopt my next dog from your facility due to this

  194. Cathy says:

    Please treat all animals with care- not just some!! Take animals off the menu

  195. Janet Moore says:

    Please provide rescue contacts or accommodations for farm animals needing help also.

  196. rebecca wang says:

    urge the Sacramento SPCA to return to its board-approved animal-friendly menu policy.

  197. rebecca wang says:

    Join us and urge the Sacramento SPCA to return to its board-approved animal-friendly menu policy.

  198. Pamela Wassell says:

    Kenn Altine should resign. He clearly has no right to be in the position he’s in, nor dies he seem to want to be, as his actions show.

  199. Paul Gagliano says:

    Please forgo meat on the menu. It is hypocritical to profess to protect animals, and at the same time, killing them to enhance our menu. There are many alternatives that are both tasty, and healthy for you.

  200. Ivan Camilli says:

    This is cruel. It is not right! Patti Nyman and Kenn Altine consider returning to a more ethical policy. Farm animals aren’t any different from the pets you protect and rescue. Otherwise is just pure hypocrisy!

  201. Arlene says:

    It seems the problem is the new CEO. Not a reasonable man. Get rid of him!

  202. John Delgado says:

    Sacramento SPCA has implemented a meat free menu set by the board. Reversing board-approved menu policy now without input is not acceptable. It is out of step with the hundreds of other animal shelters that are extending their compassion to include farmed animals. We, as a community, need to adhere to the meat free menu that has been established and accepted by the community members. Sacramento SPCA must continue that practice.

  203. Shame on them. This is no place to have meat on the menu.

  204. I can’t find the petition to sign.

  205. M. W. says:

    I’m looking for the petition too! Most people won’t put comments.

    Go vegan – for all animals!

  206. Judy Shinn says:

    Why the change in the first place and without having input from the community. What is happening to our country?

  207. Jolene Shapiro says:

    How can you call yourselves an SPCA IF YOU DON’T PROTECT ALL ANIMALS?

  208. All animals need our care not just certain ones.. They need us to be their voice and stand up for them. Get in line and care for all animals

  209. Pamela Gilpin says:

    I don’t see the petition.

    • Animal Place says:

      Hi Pamela,

      Our server could not handle the influx of people wanting to sign the petition, so we had to take it down. We are upgrading our servers and re-adding once that has happened. THank you for your patience.

  210. Teresa says:

    It is an honor to line up all your ethical beliefs and act upon them. Go meat free because it is the right thing to do.

  211. You can do the right thing and further the cause of compassion for animals, something you can feel proud of at the end of your life when you meet your maker.

  212. PAUL SLONE says:

    How dare you turn your back on animals your supposed to protect .

  213. Larry says:

    Please return to the original meat-free menu. Or better, vegan. I agree with the others’ comments. ALL animals deserve our protection. We owe it to them and our planet.

  214. Sammy says:

    Replace this CEO who doesn’t deserve this position . Not a real animal advocate, shameful.

  215. Animals are animals. Set an example!

  216. Donna Allen says:

    Please do not head back in the wrong direction. Do what is right – not what is convenient!!!

  217. Bony Torres says:

    Time to wake up

  218. Silvia Steinhilber says:

    Totally defeats the purpose to do this.

  219. Arleen Wiley says:

    Meat and Dairy are NOT necessary for the health of humans. To the contrary, they are a detriment, but corporate greed has bamboozled the public into thinking they are “healthy”. ALL of the people of the planet could be fed with the grains provided to produce meat products, plus there would be less methane gas, and more potable water available to the people.

  220. Olina St. Onge says:

    Please consider reversing your decision to serve abused animals at events. Why save some animals while killing others? Just makes no sense.

  221. Sandra says:

    Care about all animals. Animals feel. They all deserve to be free to live in peace…

  222. Jessica says:

    Defintiely will sign the petition- but unable to locate it.
    Thank you for ALL you folks do to help animals!

  223. Trese says:

    Yes, this is appalling! Don’t see petition for me to sign either.

  224. Please do the right thing and show compassion for animals. You’ll feel proud of your decision when you’re at the end of your life and stand before your maker.

  225. Donna Duran says:

    Farm animals are among the most abused on earth! Please have a heart and show them compassion!

  226. Michael Ames says:

    All animals are beautiful and precious and deserve equal care, attention and appreciation.

  227. Karen says:

    How can you say you care about animals while serving meat? Very hypocritical!

  228. joyce says:

    Farm animals feel pain too

  229. Cristine Barsanti says:

    There are many great vegetarian dishes. Don’t eat animals.

  230. Nancy Perata says:

    Dear Members, I was surprised to see that you now serve meat at your shelter sponsored events. While I am grateful for your work to save and protect animals from abuse, as well as all you do educate the public on animal welfare and humane treatment, serving slaughtered animals seems counterproductive. The Society for the Protection of Animals should protect ALL animals. If you don’t believe that slaughtering houses are abusive, or behave inhumanly, you should go back and read/ watch some of the very materials you produce and distribute to the public. Hundreds of people around the world… throughout this state, work tirelessly to promote animal welfare. Please don’t make a mockery of their work. Thank you.

  231. jc louie says:

    please start a petition so we can get more support to stop this backwards thinking.

  232. Marilyn Long says:

    I find this policy change to be appalling. How can you justify this cruelty to animals?

  233. Helen Moissant says:

    All animals need to be respected and protected. As the species that continues to exploit and torture them, we owe them that.

  234. Deborah Matthews says:

    Outrageous! Show yourselves to be honorable and reverse policy on serving meat from animals.

  235. Please eliminate meat from your menu.

  236. David says:

    I realize that the country isn’t a vegetarian one. I also realize that moving people toward vegetarianism, whether that means becoming one or significantly reducing one’s meat consumption, takes time and a lot of consistent public messages. This includes consistent messages about the harm to animals that results from eating meat. Unfortunately for the welfare of the animals, the Sacramento SPCA’s new menu sends an inconsistent message that is confusing because it goes against their animal welfare mission.

    • Dee K. Tait says:

      In addition to the fact that killing and eating an animal is barbaric, health improves when we stop doing that and the world gets fed for less. Much like saying that if we don’t go to war, we don’t kill or get killed as a result of war and we save trillions of dollars that could be used for more noble purposes.

  237. jennifer says:

    Care for all animals equally.

    I also would like to sign a petition.

  238. Evanne Christian says:

    If even a symbolic gesture can bee discontinued, what does this say about the future of this organization. Sad.

  239. Frank says:

    Show kindness to all animals.

  240. Catherine says:

    Yes, I too would like to sign the petition but cannot find it. Message to Sacramento SPCA ~ Why? Is it so necessary to eat meat that you must promote this hypocrisy? Wise up! Meat is Murder!

  241. Let us put this asshole up for grabs to be put on a plate, and his mind would change in a heartbeat!! What the hell is he thinking? The SPCA is for all animals!!! But, it does exclude humans who have no conscience. Let us go after him. He deserves it!!!!

  242. Lisa McGovern says:

    Please remember your mission.

  243. Anita Manley says:

    Millions of animals are killed, tortured, and mutualized, we have give them a voice to stop these horrible atrocities . Plants provide all our body needs. We should all be vegans.

  244. Debbie Wagner says:

    As an agency whose mission is to save animals lives, why would you ask people to eat slaughtered animals at any event? They are ALL living, breathing creatures, not just dogs and cats. Please reconsider and show the people who donate that you care about ALL animals, not just a chosen few. You would be making a huge statement about compassion.

    Thank you

  245. Melanie Roland says:

    This is shameful!

  246. Care for all animals!

  247. Ellen Koivisto says:

    Why go backwards? There’s no need.

  248. Mary Heller says:

    Animals depend on us to care for them….so CARE!

  249. Valerie Burgelin says:


  250. Lydia says:

    If Kenn doesn’t love animals enough to keep it off the menu, then he’s wrong for the job and should be replaced.

  251. Shireene says:

    Really.? Can’t believe that we have to take a hammer & chisel to your hearts…? You can’t be fickle when it comes to being an organization of integrity & goodwill, There’s universal laws we’re working with here!!!
    Hop on the heart ❤️ train people???.

  252. Denise Beard says:

    I also do not see a petition to sign. this is so hypocritical.

  253. Meredith Chessman says:

    Pleasee have a heart for all animals. They ALL need our help and care.

  254. Since Mr. Altine’s agenda seems to be inconsistent with the intentions of the SPCA, perhaps it’s time for his dismissal. He can then head another group that is more in line with his principles!.

  255. Norma Loewen says:

    Horrendous!! Thought SPCA was the one agency that still abided by humane rules!! Guess not!!

  256. STEPHANIE TAUB says:

    Mr. Altine……

    Whoever hired you should be fired along with you!!!!!!!

  257. beth reimel says:

    Please extend humane consideration and care for all animals.

  258. Nancy Robinson says:

    Take animals off the menu!

  259. Patricia White says:

    You cannot care about animals & then have them on the menu. Outrageous!

  260. we need animal-friendly menu policy.

  261. Stephanie Trasoff says:

    Return to an ethical menu and fire Kenn Altine.

  262. I do not donate to any SPCA.

  263. Dr. Pamela Berger says:

    We are here to protect animals and the rest of our world – not to destroy them. Please reverse your policy as Animal Place should model responsible and compassionate behavior.

  264. Darcey J. Ortolf says:

    Be just to farm animals

  265. Les says:

    What kind of craziness is this? An animal shelter having a meat menu? I don’t like that at all.

  266. Michelle Guenther says:

    Farm animals are no different from animals you rescue. Don’t include cruelty on your menu.

  267. Janine Reid says:

    Wake up Mr. Altine and do your homework. When you do, you will understand that a farm animal is no different from a dog or a cat. Different in size certainly. But different in nerve structure, ability to understand, to feel pain, to feel joy, to trust…..? No.

    Which is precisely why the Animal Place policy was in place prior to your arrival. Do not change it. Do your homework – and learn. It’s called Progress.

  268. Veronica Carrier says:

    Why did you change the policy? Do the right thing and return to compassionate eating. Teach the world there is another way. Spread the love.

  269. Paula Purviance says:

    Lets start educating the public by example

  270. pam edwards says:

    The policy needs to be reinstated.

  271. Reverend Jane Eagle says:

    This is a great way to alienate animal lovers! Exactly how stupid are you???

  272. They do not practice what they want us to believe. This is very sad !!! I thought they respected animals and that is what the SPCA stood for. I donated for years to the SPCA intil I read and heard that very little money that is donated to them goes for the animals and the people that run the SPCA take expensive plane trips with our money. It is ashame that when we believe in a group of people that are doing the work they claim they are doiing with the donated money.

  273. Please discontinue this.

  274. Patricia Pratt says:

    Care for, don’t eat , animals

  275. Jim Dudzinski says:

    It makes absolutely no sense to reverse an already established policy. It’s hypocritical and cruel.

  276. Leslie Pfost says:

    Shame on you! By serving animal products, its like saying oh some of these animals were factory farmed and abused, but that’s okay. It is NOT “OK.”

  277. Janell Lundgren says:

    Keep animals off of the plate, period.

  278. Virginia Stewart Carton says:

    Very timely initiative.

  279. Sharona says:

    Please take animals off your menu

  280. Manou says:

    You need to walk your talk !

  281. Angela Rellamas says:

    Please leave animals and animal products off your menu. Do the right thing for all animals. Set the example.

  282. Chyrl A. Russell says:

    I urge you to remove animals from the menu. It is inconsistent
    what we believe and promote.

  283. Margaret Ambrose says:

    These innocent animals deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion,

  284. Lily Doris says:

    Make a positive step and impact — meatless costs less and is healthier for humans, the planet and especially the animals who suffer for their entire lives and pay the ultimate price.

  285. Michelle says:

    This is why I hesitate to make donations:/ You think your money is going to a reputable cause and then you find out the money is used for rotten people to take fancy vacations or is used in a dishonest way! I’m absolutely disgusted with ASPCA!! To think they are supposed to be an organization that PROTECTS ALL ANIMALS!

  286. Kerstin Henry says:

    Why would you put farmed animals back on the menu? What purpose does that serve? There are so many rich, hearty, protein-packed, delicious vegan meals that you can enjoy. We don’t have to kill animals for food. Why would you, of all organizations, change your menu to this less progressive, less sustainable menu? How very sad and disappointing.

  287. Sana Jamil says:

    I can’t believe!! Farm animals are no different or less than any other animals. Why the hypocrisy!

  288. Rey Abdi says:

    I do not understand why we are becoming so ignorant about the care and compassion towards animals, ALL animals?!!?! What are we doing in this world?!! What are we teaching our children?!!?! JUST DONT CARE, ITS OK?!!!? NO it’s NOT OK!!!! And this must change! We must care and show everyone that care of animals, all animals are human beings responsibility!!! Please wake up!!!! This is NOT right!

  289. Leslie Friedlander says:


  290. Jorge Juliao says:

    All animals suffer, not just those that we consider pets or cute so they all need protectionn from abuse

  291. Steven Sardo says:

    ALL animals deserve respect.

  292. c. martinez says:

    Vegan is the only way to go, especially at an animal shelter. You need to lead by example. Serving animals at an animal shelter is totally unacceptable. If you don’t get that, you need to educate yourself. There’s no excuse for this.

  293. Animals deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion, at ALL times. They are the best thing this world has.

  294. Daniel Crownover says:

    “The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” should always be remembered as the guide for the purpose of the organization, and the fact that an animal dying to make food for people is the extreme cruelty to animals!

  295. Margaret Demott says:

    It is important for all of us to remember ALL of the animals, especially those in charge of the wonderful Sacramento SPCA!!!

  296. Sana Jamil says:

    Why the hypocricy? I am really disappointed. Compassion to all animals not just animals we call pets!!!

  297. Jil Young says:

    I cant wait to see what happens when all of these comments “hit the fan”. Being a general ignorant human being is one thing, but to be responsible for an animal rights organization that Reverses its vote on menus served at SPCA Events?! A horrible set back! Maybe they should just think about reversing slavery, or a woman’s right to choose or vote??!!!

  298. Robin Robin says:

    Be kind to animals, they have feelings like all of us, they are not just animals, they are living being.

  299. Natasha Keehn says:

    Wow… what a sad news…look like a new management does not care for animals they safe a rescue . How you can rescue and eat the same animals you rescue? May be you can open sluter house next to your facility so you can transfer animals you rescue to slatter house next to you that way you can eat your “rescue meat” fresh.
    How embarrassing and how degrading that is.
    If your new management do not care for animals they rescue they might better transfer to other facility where they can be ignorant and do not show ignorance that abvious to people who care for life of animals. Very sad and embersssing new management style.

  300. Nathan Fisher says:

    Just like humans, animals are miracles of nature.

  301. Ken Wenzer says:

    Consistency is the hallmark of compassion.

  302. Brenda McDonough says:

    Are you kidding me??!! This should not have to said to an organization whose sole purpose is to improve animal welfare!!

  303. Apparently the new Ceo has decided that he has different ideas about animals! He is not the right person for the SPCA job!! This job is for a Humane person! A person who believes all animals should be protected, whatever the animal would be!! Compassion for all animals! Wild, Domesticated, and Farm animals as well!! No Room For HYPOCRICY! Only love and dedication!!!

  304. Jan says:

    Please do what is Right.

  305. Margo Sullivan says:

    Hope the Spca will return to its traditional role protecting animals.

  306. we love animals! we love cows!

  307. Monica says:

    We can be very healthy removing the alkaline foods from your system. Is being proved that all kind of cancers comes form the body reactions of the cells to protect the areas where the high alkaline cells are being mutating or creating. The source of high alkalinity: the meats and poultry. Pleasss keep your body safe if any unbalance reaction our cells make to contra rests toxicity in our body and at the same time we protect a life that is being created to live and to help supplying in other ways of resources more than the consideration of meat they are.

  308. Sandra Amici says:

    All animals deserve protection.

  309. beth yaney says:

    All animals deserve to be treated with compassion, not just pets. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  310. Leah Maidenbaum says:

    “When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the WATERS are polluted, when all the AIR is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you CANNOT EAT MONEY!!!!! – Cree Prophecy

  311. Susan Lefler says:

    Animals should not be eaten!! Respect all animals!

  312. Emily Harris says:

    Very disappointing to hear.

  313. do the right thing and take animals off the menu in protest of factory farming!

  314. Karan Keller says:

    You can not have it both ways. You either help stop the problem or you are the problem. So which are you. There are lots of food out there that you do not have to kill an animal to enjoy

  315. Charlie Brown says:

    If you (SPCA) do not remove animals from menu, I’ll stop my monthly donations.

  316. Pat P. says:

    ALL animals need empathy and compassion–not just our traditionally domesticated ones. Farm animals are no different than our pets.

    The ASPCA is being sickeningly hypocritical by urging the rescue of some animals, but condoning the slaughter of others. Even if it is only symbolic, this organization should NOT be serving dead animals at its functions!

    I will gladly sign the petition, when submitted.

  317. Carol says:

    Please do not do this. Don’t move backwards. …..

  318. Jeanne Out says:

    It is repulsive that an SPCA would do this. We are ALL God’s creatures both great and small.

  319. valerie horowitz says:

    please return to your animal-friendly menu to promote compassion for animals and healthy living

  320. linda weber says:

    All animals need to receive humane care and respect.

  321. tami bennett says:

    stop being hypocrites

  322. Russell Wray says:

    Mr. Altine clearly should never have become CEO of SPCA. He obviously fails to understand what the SPCA is meant to do…reduce cruelty to animals. In making the menu change that he has, he has in fact called for a move that will bring more cruelty to animals, and make that cruelty appear to be more acceptable. Mr. Altine needs to be fired!The Sacramento SPCA should promote policies that reduce animal cruelty, not increase it!

  323. Irena Franchi says:

    Please, take animals off the menu.

  324. Kathy Sibley says:

    The ASPCA is being sickeningly hypocritical by urging the rescue of some animals, but condoning the slaughter of others. Even if it is only symbolic, this organization should NOT be serving dead animals at its functions!

    I will gladly sign the petition, when submitted.

  325. You menu must be consistent with your purpose: compassion toward all animals.

  326. Deb says:

    Compassion is for all living beings and not just for the cute and cuddly ones! All were put on this earth for a reason. Just because we don’t know the reason, that doesn’t mean they should be abused and harmed in any way, shape or form.

  327. “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”- Gandhi

  328. All animals count!!!! This makes me sick!

  329. Benjamin Martin says:

    If you truly believe in wasn’t your name signifies, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, you cannot contribute to and support the cruelty to some animals by serving animal flesh at fundraising events. You do damage to your image, your credibility and the trust that the SPCA has built up when you take irresponsible action like this. Please reconsider your policies on fundraisers and you will generate more support when you act out of conscious , morality and consistently.

  330. Steve R. says:

    ASPCA stands for American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Not “some” animals. All of them.

    On April 10, 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) was founded in New York City by philanthropist and diplomat Henry Bergh, 54. In the Russian court of Czar Alexander II, he was horrified to witness work horses beaten by their peasant drivers.

    Back in New York, Bergh pleaded on behalf of “these mute servants of mankind” at a February 8, 1866, meeting at Clinton Hall. He argued that protecting animals was an issue that crossed party lines and class boundaries. “This is a matter purely of conscience; it has no perplexing side issues,” he said. “It is a moral question in all its aspects.” The speech prompted a number of dignitaries to sign his “Declaration of the Rights of Animals.”

    No side issues. Animals are not food. For the Sacramento SPCA to put meat on their menu is disgusting from a number of points of view: it is pure hypocrisy, it is contrary to their name “Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” and it violates every philosophical and moral concept that an SPCA should stand for.

  331. Erma Lewis says:

    Go vegan – it is healthy for the animals.

  332. Lisa Puleo says:

    ALL Animals deserve to be treated humanely.

  333. Jane Z says:

    When the Petition is posted again I shall sign and send it to every friend I have…..I am in the aviation business……so it will go around the world.

  334. Paula Bickelhaupt says:

    If there is one place where meat should not be eaten … it is at a shelter sponsored event. This is hypocrisy at its best. Mr. Altine, please reconsider your stance on this matter.

  335. It is time to eat healthy……..and have compassion towards the animals that give us so much (milk and cheese).

  336. Tori Smith says:

    If you used compassion as your guide we wouldn’t be commenting on
    your hypocritical decision right now.

  337. Rhonda Kess says:

    These noble creatures deserve our love and respect.

  338. Jane Klinedinst says:

    having animals on the menu goes against what your organization is all about

  339. Bloch Cheryl says:

    Come on people time to wise up we don’t need to have our animal on the menu there is so much healthier things to eat without it being animal. We are their voices and I’m saying no more!! Domestic or wild they all need to be saved!

  340. Joy says:

    ALL animals need empathy and compassion–not just our traditionally domesticated ones. Farm animals are no different than our pets.

    The ASPCA is being sickeningly hypocritical by urging the rescue of some animals, but condoning the slaughter of others. Even if it is only symbolic, this organization should NOT be serving dead animals at its functions!

  341. Dawn Broadbent says:

    Animals exists for more than being on a menu or a place on your plate. They live and survive for their own value their own worth just as we do.

  342. maria sacco says:

    … wishing for a vegan world …

  343. cathy says:

    we got to change our eating dogs are pets and sad about others really is

  344. Diane Wilde says:

    I will no longer support the SPCA as long as they support the slaughter and mistreatment of ANY animals.

  345. Bob Terrell says:

    Please reconsider you decision. I would like to continue my support.

  346. Seeta Chaganti says:

    I have made a monthly donation to the SPCA for ten years, ever since adopting my cat there. I also keep chickens as pets. How could I possibly decide that one animal species is more deserving of compassion and protection than the other? Please don’t put your supporters in this position; be consistent in your commitment to animal welfare, and do not support the farming industry.

  347. Stefanie Johnson says:

    Compassion, not consumption.

  348. laura says:

    please be an example of a humane and compassionate world – stop offering the lives and flesh of our friends of the planet on your menu!!

  349. Nora Scanlon says:

    Ms. Scanlon:

    Thank you for your note and for your compassion for – and support of —

    I respect the choices you have made as part of your commitment, as I respect
    the freedom of individuals to make the best food choices for their
    circumstances, beliefs, values and dietary concerns. With this mutual
    respect we can solve great problems – not least of which is animal
    overpopulation and the inherent cruelty it creates.

    For our work here in the Sacramento Valley in behalf of companion animals
    and the people who love them, we depend on dedicated staff and
    compassionate, committed volunteers. Together we take in nearly 5,000
    animals; vaccinate (at low or no cost) an additional 8,000; perform 3,000
    spay/neuter surgeries on feral and community cats; and do 14,000+ alteration
    surgery every year for the public, municipal shelters and other rescue
    groups. We do not ask these volunteers or groups to adopt our policies or
    share our exact mission – we understand that each is working as hard as they
    can, in the best way they can, to help animals of all kinds.
    The initial response email from Kenn, followed by my response.

    I am immensely grateful for their efforts and for our supporters who make it
    possible for us to give more than shelter to the animals entrusted to our
    care. I believe there is room for all of these people at the table: be they
    vegan, vegetarian or those that are neither.

    I understand that you do not share that belief, and I respect your
    decisions. I hope that you will respect ours.

    Kenn Altine
    Sacramento SPCA

    Hello Kenn,

    I absolutely do not respect your decision.

    Your name, Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, suggests quite straightforwardly you believe in preventing cruelty to animals.

    In addition, on your website you write, “The Sacramento SPCA believes in helping the greatest number of animals with our available resources.”
    Again, quite clearly suggesting you believe in helping animals.

    You also write, “The Sacramento SPCA is committed to saving animal lives and practices each step of the “no kill” equation including..”
    Again, strongly suggesting you care about animals and saving animal lives, including not killing them.

    Finally, your mission. A nonprofits mission is the heart and soul of the organization. You write, “To foster a loving and compassionate community for animals and people by providing assistance, creating lifelong relationships, and saving lives.”
    No where in your mission statement do limit or specify what kind of animals you intend to foster and love, what kind of animals you will be compassionate towards, nor what kind of animals you want to save.

    With these statements published on your website you can perhaps see why I’m left scratching my head to understand how you are so hypocritical. You said you believe there is room at the table for vegans, vegetarians or those that are neither. Why is it so important, for an organization who’s mission clearly states they intend to save animals, to serve animals at that table? Animals who only experienced torture and pain. Perhaps we should ask The American Lung Association to provide cigarettes at their next event, we don’t want to leave anyone out.

    I hope you reconsider your decision. If not, you should change your website to accurately reflect your true belief and function of your nonprofit. In its current state you are misleading donors. I hope I don’t need to explain why misleading donors is such an issue. You wrote on your email that you work on behalf of companion animals. If you choose to include the term companion animals on your website, which would be a good start, you should also clearly define the term.

  350. Urszula Sliwinski says:

    All animals deserve love and respect. they are innocent and never ask for anything. what do they get from people. a sad life , and they all get killed in a horrifying way. meat is not healthy at all, at ALL!!!

  351. Esther dongli says:

    I think you are the real animal here. Where is your compassion, I will stop donating to make You rich.

  352. Catherine Robson says:

    Please don’t harm animals to help animals. It just doesn’t make sense.

  353. Sharon says:

    Think before you act. Don’t eat those that you vowed to protect.

  354. kathryn says:

    I think your website crashed again…so I contacted Mr Altine on my own to let him know how I feel.

  355. kim brower says:

    vegan all the way

  356. Rachel Shesman says:

    This is a step backward in the wrong direction. So disappointing. Please reverse this decision and instead continue to move forward in the fight to end speciesism!

  357. Melanie Light says:

    Worst case scenario, I agree with Mary Rhodes concerns:
    “This is a horrible policy change that makes me physically sick . And of all places—California. I think you should be terminated immediately because I am afraid that this is the “tip of the iceberg”. People like you usually have “other things up their sleeves” and it is never good! I am afraid this will be a precursor of unethical and horrific things to come.”
    Mary Rhodes

    Best case scenario: You reverse this decision promptly

  358. Gayle Borst says:

    Please be an inspiration for other animal rescue groups throughout the world! Our environmental group, Design~Build~Live even adheres to a non-meat policy for any events we sponsor. Eating lower on the food chain is the right thing to do for many reasons.

  359. Meg Seltzer says:

    Clearly Kenn Altine is the wrong CEO for the SPCA, an organization with a mission to prevent cruelty to animals.

  360. Mary-Pat says:

    Unbelievable! Does Mr. Altine think that SPCA stands for Society to Promote Cruelty to Animals.

  361. Selma Cooper says:

    I would suggest that maybe what you might consider is to take
    the new CEO Kenn Altine off the menu himself…since he is the one who instigated this change and it is abominable for an organization with the credo of “helping animals” would even consider eating one of them. He has to go or you will lose all your support for this worthy cause. What kind of an organization did he believe he was signing up for??? MacDonalds?

  362. Animals are another one of God’s creations.

  363. John Vias says:

    To be a truly humane society, you need to extend compassion to all animals, not just some. Please revert your menu to one that does not exploit animals.

  364. Trish says:

    Meat on the menu does not make any sense for an organization that is supposed to PREVENT CRUELTY to ANIMALS. It feels ridiculous to be telling the SPCA (?!) that cows, pigs, chickens, geese, and ducks live a horrible and unnatural existence of confinement, overcrowding, and torture… followed by mass slaughter. WTH?! Given this policy, I don’t understand how Kenn Altine became CEO.

  365. susanne says:

    defend ALL animals

  366. I am vegan. I can’t really remember when I chose to stop consuming other sentient beings (some people call them animals) It was a long time ago. I feel happy because I have evolved in this life into a better person because of my vegan belief. We are all in this together and we have to care about every other creature. That means we don’t hurt them, we don’t torture them, we care for them and especially we don’t EAT THEM!!!
    I urge you to change your policy right now!

  367. Jane Jones says:

    Did they change their mind so they can attract more meat eaters or to be more socially acceptable? Either way they should go back to a meatless menu. Trust me, meat eaters will survive if they occasionally miss a ‘meat’ meal. Plus it can show them they really don’t need to eat meat in the first place!

  368. Shari Briggs says:

    I have spent years donating to SPCA and had no idea about this.
    Well it stops here. but my heart breaks for the animals I cannot personally bring home and love each broken heart ed animal. But know this God will restore and punish so a prayer will work faster than a comment. Thanks to you all like myself who care too much.

  369. Mary Finelli says:

    Why would the SPCA take such a regressive step? It should be promoting respect and compassion for all animals, not profiting from the harmful exploitation of some.

    The way society views farmed animals impacts the way all animals are perceived and treated.

    Please act responsibly and humanely: only serve vegan food. The SPCA should be setting a good example for the public and urging people to be vegan.

  370. Phyllis Kunishige says:

    Take meat off the menu.
    It’s the right thing to do.

  371. The SPCA is about saving animals. So why not show your commitment by having a vegetarian menu? It would really show you care.

  372. Bill Fink says:

    Disgusted with Kenn Altine

  373. Diane Luck says:

    Go Vegan!!!

  374. Cathy G says:

    The person who made this decidion should step down from his position. He does not belong there. Those people who put him in that position of authority should be questioned also.

  375. Douglas Andeson says:

    Did you forget what your letters SPCA stand for?
    HYPOCRITES!!!…somebody(ies) are reaping some kind of gain/benefit for this reversal and it will not be tolerated by those of us who believe in treating all animals humanely, compassionately and with worth as they are precious creatures to be valued. They are innocent and cannot speak or stand up for themselves to say NO, STOP, WHY…yet, they know pain, suffering and terror.
    My donations and those of many family members & friends will be sent to those organizations that truly believe in not harming or eating animals. Those that stand up & speak for them and KEEP THEIR WORD…to be a refuge & to come to their aid.

  376. Doris P. Telles says:

    We need to practice what we preach.

  377. Catherine Robson says:

    Kenn Altine, you appear to be more concerned about the feelings of volunteers than about the suffering of animals. Please reconsider this absurd decision and be an example.

  378. Ken Lieberman says:

    What kind of animal rescue eats animals??!!
    I will no longer go to your yearly charity events and I will inform others of this hurtful decision.

  379. Lea Derence says:

    Harvard and Cornell Universities state that the optimal amount in a healthy human diet is precisely ZERO.

    There is no nutritional requirement for humans to eat animals or the things that come out of them; therefore, to cause them to suffer and to force them to die is immoral and unjust.

    A healthy vegan diet not only the best diet for the animals but is it the best diet for the planet and for human health.

    Animal agriculture is literally destroying the planet. Every second of ever day, 1 acre of land is cleared to graze and grow food for the ceaseless BILLIONS of animals that are brought into this world for the sole purpose of massacring them at a rate of 2 BILLION land animals per week. With each acre of land that is cleared, an unimaginable number of birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, plants, and trees are destroyed forever. And, all of the CO2 that those plants and trees were storing is released back into the atmosphere. Not to mention that livestock produce at least ONE MILLION POUNDS OF MANURE EVERY MINUTE. The methane released by livestock is much more hazardous than the CO2 emitted from all forms of transportation combined.

    And, a healthy vegan diet not only significantly reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, colon cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, Crohn’s disease, colitis, and Alzheimer’s disease – it can actually cure and/or treat these diseases (which are mainly caused by the consumption of animal-based products).

  380. MS says:

    With so much food to choose from, we need NOT consume animal products — let them live — they have every RIGHT to live their lives — let’s do the moral, the rational, the compassionate thing and LEAVE ANIMAL PRODUCTS OFF EVERY MENU!