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Sponsor Sassafras the Turkey

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flow_v2_5455530a7c5006-55524209For turkeys, Thanksgiving is a terrible time. More than 40 million are slaughtered for the “holiday” alone. During this sad time, why not sponsor a turkey instead of paying someone to slaughter one? Join fellow turkey lovers by fostering Sassafras, one of the 22 turkeys living at Animal Place.

Your $25 sponsorship includes an official Animal Place Sassafras Foster Parent Certificate, our most recent newsletter, a foster parent card, and a Humane Eating Guide pamphlet. More importantly, your $25 goes toward the direct care of Sassafras and her turkey friends! $25 covers the cost of feed, veterinary care, and bedding.

Eating with family, friends, or colleagues who may be less aware of how amazing turkeys are? Bring Sassafras to the party! Show up with your Foster Parent Certificate and share why you celebrate turkeys by not eating them.

Sponsor Sassafras now!




13 Responses so far.

  1. Donna E Szlosek says:

    Thanksgiving is a horrible time of year — I deplore it. No one has the right to kill and eat an animal.

  2. Jean says:

    What a wonderful thing you are doing. To save lives like this. I am 79 years young &. Wish that I could help financially but I don’t have much money. I just wanted to applaud you for doing this wonderful thing.
    God bless you all

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you, Jean. We (and other animal organizations) get support in many ways – not just money! Consider volunteering or just spreading the word about animal rights!

  3. jean Lewis says:

    How do I donate for Sassafras in someone else’s name (so that they would be listed as the donor)?

  4. Alfredo Kuba says:

    Any celebration, tradition, culture or religion that requires the mass murder of innocent, sentient beings for the sole purpose to serve the gluttony of men is nothing more than a cold blooded cult.

    Thank you Kim and all the great volunteers at Animal Place for all the good and kind work you do.

  5. Diane Rooney says:

    Just sponsored Sassafras! I so enjoyed my visit to Animal Place in September – I may have met her!

  6. Judy says:

    It’s wonderful what you are doing. Man can live without eating animals. Not only that but they abuse them and torture them as they are sacrificing them for our food. We must educate more people and show that we can truly live healthier by not eating our friends. Imagine if you were at a restaurant and they served you your faithful companion, your German Shepherd!!

  7. I love turkeys. They have more personality than people realize. Maye someday meatless turkey making will become so popular that turkeys will no longer have a reason to be slaughtered. That,s my Thanksksgiving wish for those amazing birds!!!

  8. Steve Kovacs says:

    Genius idea to promote both animal welfare and exploring alternatives to Thanksgiving meal options. Let’s give Turkeys a break!

  9. judith madrazo says:

    I like this, but we have an small problem, people who save animals eat chickens ,turkey, egg etc (Eggs are the cell) .. lets make consciousness to this.with all respect of the readers.

  10. Stevi Pul says:

    What a wonderful fundraiser. I try to give my grandsons a lesson in humanity when possible. They are each sponsoring Sassafrass. Thank you Animal Place to instilling some humanity into future adults.

  11. Linda says:

    I agree it is a wonderful cause… I have a wild bird sanctuary on my property and care for several hundred birds migratory species and they are protected from hunting on my several acres with 2 large ponds and a river…the turkeys who i have a soft spot for are well care for on my acreage… Hunters try to shot them but the turkeys know where to stay because Mother goose is here to protect them and the hunters keep their distance from me and cannot trespass. they will be arrested from law officials.. I have been a bird rehabber for 2 decades and i am passionate about birds and wildlife and respects others who do… God Bless who care for these wonderful feather friends… Forget turkey i tell my family and friends eat a vegetarian pizza for Thanksgiving! Turkeys lives matter! 🙂