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Stop the Cruelty at the Rowell Ranch Rodeo

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Join us in demanding an end to two particularly egregious events at the Rowell Ranch Rodeo in Castro Valley, California – wild cow milking and mutton busting.

What is wild cow milking? A distressed mother cow is separated from her calf and forced into arena. Two men on horseback chase her down, violently rope her, and then forcibly milk her.

You can see a video of this event here: https://youtu.be/eFwjMTwi0U0

What is mutton busting? Children as young as four are allowed to ride petrified sheep as part of a competition. Injuries to children are not uncommon.

Rodeos are terrible for animals, but these two events are particularly cruel and unnecessary.

Sign the petition today and demand the Hayward Area Recreation Park District remove the two non-sanctioned events of wild cow milking and mutton busting at this year’s and all future rodeos.



25 Responses so far.

  1. Cynthia Strom says:

    Please stop the cruelty? Please.

  2. No mother of abything should have to be put through this!!!

  3. Leanda Harlander says:

    Teach children respect for animals not how to abuse them. Please stop this vile practice.

  4. Please put a stop to this now this is totally unacceptable!!!!!

    My gosh have they all lost their minds.

  5. Wayne Johnson Ph.D says:

    Stop the cruelty

  6. Terri Thomas says:

    Pure evil at work, when anyone takes pleasure in the pain of someone/something else

  7. Katherine Jones Carlson says:

    Animals are not able to opt out of entertainment. It’s cruel, frightening, and immoral. Please stop!

  8. Gladys Shabshab says:

    As long as humanity continues down the path of distructive behavior, it is bond for a very violet future. If we do not show compassion to all livening things, then we are not more intelligent then other specious, we are an exsistance of souls that have no heart, no compassion ! A true understanding that change is a huge part of our growth and realizing how much we are brain washed to think eating meat or hurting an animal just because we have power is acceptable, then you might as well give our species a different name then the word human.

  9. Mercedes Mata says:

    Please stop hosting your rodeos. Imagine if this were you or your family being dragged, hog tied and chased while people laughed? These animals are frightened and not having fun…

  10. Laura Lyons says:

    Rodeos are nothing but animal abuse with a crowd of people watching and in most cases cheering the abusers. Please stop this cruelty.

  11. Cant believe this barbarity and cruelty is still in practice. It is a THING OF THE PAST!! Who would get pleasure from watching a mother cow run down and forcibly milked? IT IS SICK. Time for “traditions” like these to end!

  12. Be decent people and stop this twisted behavior.

  13. Kelly Delerenzo says:

    Hello. I am speak up for animals. I give them the voice they so urgently need.
    Please contact me in regards to any and all petitions you are so kindly working on.
    Ms.Kelly Delerenzo
    @ Facebook you can see I do have currently 4.655.followers which participate.

  14. Sue Kelso-Haines says:

    Watching petrified animals being ridden, roped or chased down is not entertainment; it is cruelty plain and simple.

  15. Stop these cruel events now. This is shameful.

  16. Elaine says:

    “It is man’s sympathy with all creatures that first makes him truly a man.” – Albert Schwietzer

  17. Christine Valcourt says:

    Stop this insanity please!!!!!

  18. Children can learn much more from animals by studying them, touching them, befriending them and learning to be compassionate.
    Parents of children who encourage them to engage in such cruel and senseless activities would also benefit from compassion lessons.

  19. Not entertaining, just plain cruel!

  20. Marcella Schantz says:

    This must be stopped! I signed a petition last year; I am so disappointed this is still happening

  21. Lindsey says:

    This is not entertainment, it is animal abuse. This interaction with animals is neither compassionate nor educational.

  22. PE says:

    Animals have a right to an Unmolested life, and a Wilderness with Food in it.
    A Wilderness not A Men.

  23. Toni Leech says:

    Animals have no voice. We are their guardians and their voice. They are not ours to eat, abuse, wear or for our entertainment. I will fight to end animal cruelty with the last breath in my body.
    Children need to be taught these basic compassionate principals not be participants and perpetuators of animal cruelty and abuse.

  24. Luz Perez says:

    Animal Cruelty cannot be allowed. Places like this, events like these should be shut down immediately. We must speak up and take action!