Meet Nicholas

Born: 12/23/2007 Arrived: 12/25/2007 Nicholas is a Jersey, a breed used in the dairy industry. When Nicholas was born, he was immediately removed from his mother. This is common when the calf born is male and unable to get pregnant. Trucked to an auction yard, Nicholas was bought for $15. It is common for male …

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Meet Maddie

Estimated Date of Birth: 6/1/2002 Animal Place Arrival: 12/8/2009 Maddie is a Holstein, a breed used in the dairy industry. She was born a twin to a male calf and because of over-exposure to hormones, she was rendered sterile. In the dairy industry, if a female cannot be forcibly impregnated to produce milk, she has …

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Shh, don’t tell Mortimer, but he has competition in the “cutest calf” department! Meet Bob, Mortimer’s new best friend and Animal Place’s recent rescue. Confiscated from a rancher by Nevada County Animal Care and Control, Bob’s mom couldn’t stand up, let alone walk. Ill and dying, she needed immediate veterinary assistance. Our local veterinarian, Dr. …

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Summer & Freedom

Two years ago, Freedom and Summer arrived to the sanctuary. They were only a few days old and had already suffered immensely at the hands of humans. As “discards” of the dairy industry, these two male calves were sent to auction at only a few days old. For dairy cows to produce milk, they must …

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Sadie has been with Animal Place since 2005. She is a former dairy cow, never given the right to nurse her own babies. When she developed an udder infection, she was discarded as quickly as her male calves were to be slaughtered for veal. She is very shy, but sometimes she loves to lick the …

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