A Bird of Courage

“Though a little Vain & Silly, a Bird of Courage” ~ Benjamin Franklin The turkeys who make their home at Animal Place arrived from auctions, feed stores, or farms raising them for slaughter. Many turkeys are not so lucky. Every year, 250 million are killed for their flesh. Often along the way, they suffer from …

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It’s hard to imagine a worse holiday for turkeys than Thanksgiving. Between 43-45 million are killed each year for the “holiday” alone. Wyatt won’t be one of those turkeys. Abandoned at a southern California animal control agency a week before Thanksgiving, Wyatt faced certain death if not for Animal Place. Christine Morrissey of Harvest Home …

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We do not know what farm Clementine came from in Southern California. We only know that a woman crammed her into a cloth bag and planned on selling her for a Christmas backyard slaughter. It is moments like these when animals like Clementine are in desperate need of a savior, an advocate who won’t turn …

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