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The Animals – Pigs

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Each resident pig at Animal Place has a unique story and a unique rescue. Our pig friends have come from research labs, cruelty cases, pig farms and petting zoos.



Lucy, the escape artist and a crowd favorite, managed to flee from a transport truck on the way to auction. Born in February of 2013, she was rescued at 1 month old. It was a nightmare getting her because she ended up in a shelter in southern California that would have auctioned her off for slaughter and taken the money rather than give her to us. Thankfully, some cat and dog rescuers stepped in and competed with “kill rescuers” to purchase her.

Lucy knows her name and comes when you call her. She loves belly rubs and enjoys tours where she gets worshipped. Though kind-hearted and friends with everyone, she’s a bit jealous of Marigold because she took her place as the baby of the bunch.

 Marigold – Sponsor Her

MarigoldMarigold is one of the three little pigs at Animal Place. She was born in February of 2014 and arrived at just 2 days old. She saved herself from becoming a backyard BBQ after she busted out of the yard she was housed in and was found running loose in downtown Sacramento by city animal control! She now spends her time playing with her fellow pig friends and wooing guests with her charm.

She is a sweet, gentle and kind pig. When one of the other pigs was having a hard time getting up, Marigold would spend time nesting beside her. When she was introduced to new piglets, Marigold made them feel welcome and exhibited great tolerance for their mischievous antics. She loves everybody, but she’s also known to act like a naughty, attention-seeking toddler. She gets into everything, including the meds bucket, knocks over water troughs, and steals stuff from her caregivers. She keeps everyone on their toes.


Ruby – Sponsor Her

Ruby the pig was born in July of 2010 and was saved from a pasture-based pig farm. She arrived at Animal Place at just over 1 month old. The pigs on the farm where Ruby was rescued had plenty of space to roam, but runt or sickly pigs are killed in the same way they are on large, industrial farms – by being slammed against the ground. A visitor on a tour of the farm heard about this and offered to take in Ruby.

Ruby has a very big personality. She is a spunky pig who enjoys mud-baths and bossing everyone around! She’s very sassy, doesn’t like to share, and is always the last at the feeding area. She can lift up her ears when she gets excited or angry so that she can stare you right in the face!

Ivan and Mishka

IvanIvan and Mishka were born in 2011 and raised at a pumpkin patch and petting zoo. A visitor to the pumpkin patch was horrified to see the two piglets and inquired about their fate. The owner stated the piglets would be sold for slaughter. The visitor was horrified and worked tirelessly to get custody of both piglets, ensuring their fate would be sanctuary, not slaughter.

The pumpkin patch owner agreed never to have animals again!

Ivan (pictured) is shy when outside of the barn but is often interested in belly rubs inside. Mishka is friendly and sweet.




November 11 2014 Ben A (1 of 1)Born: November 1, 2005
Arrival to Animal Place: January 9, 2006
Benjamin saved himself from slaughter. He escaped and was found running loose in the middle of Martinez, CA. Hit by a car, he was rushed to the local shelter and Animal Place was contacted. After his rescue, he was treated for mange and bruised ribs. He has bright blue eyes.
Personality: Benjamin does not like a lot of humans, but he is good friends with several pigs, including Chester.