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The Animals – Turkeys

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Dakota, Cheyenne, Seneca – Sponsor Dakota

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Dakota and his four brothers were rescued from a free-range turkey farm in 2011 where 25,000 birds are confined in a windowless shed and given minimal outdoor access. A portion of his beak and the first digits of his toes were cut off, which is standard industry practice. Dakota was being raised for Thanksgiving slaughter when someone rescued him and his brothers. The five brothers were dropped off at our doorstep with a $100 donation from a turkey fairy and a note that read “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Now a mature adult, Dakota loves to show off how awesome he is by strutting around the turkey yard, tail feathers fanning, trilling and puffing to tell everyone he is amazing.

Franny & Zooey


Franny and Zooey are two bronze colored domestic turkeys, born in 2008 and rescued in 2011. They were repeatedly bred to produce turkey chicks who would be slaughtered for Thanksgiving. The farmer easily sold the young turkeys for slaughter but had a hard time sending the hens and tom turkeys used for breeding to their deaths. Animal Place rescued 19 turkey hens, finding homes for all but two.

Paprika, Sassafras, Sage, Basil, and Saffron

Feb 28 2015 Turkey Girls A (1 of 1)These lucky girls were legally rescued from a hatchery at only a day old. They arrived to Animal Place on November 7, 2012 at 3-days-old. Thirteen arrived, but because of how humans have bred them, today only five are alive. White-breasted turkeys have been selected to grow fast so they can be slaughtered at 4-6 months of age. They cannot mate naturally, fly, or perch because of what humans have done to them.

These girls are inquisitive and social, and they love when visitors say hi.